Monday, April 16, 2012

Tune of the Week: Burn it Down - Linkin Park

 Linkin Park has been absent from the music world since their last release, A Thousand Suns, on 2010.

 Now the band is back in full force with their upcoming new album titled Living Things.

 The first single to be released from the new album is Burn It Down, an electronic pop rock song that showcases a new evolution in sound for the band.

 Frontman Chester Bennington recently explained this progression to MTV and why they chose this track as the first single:

 “All of our songs take these really big creative turns and twists throughout the process, so sometimes songs will start out as a melody or some musical chord progressions. Other times, they’ll start out as beats, and the next thing you know they kind of evolve over the course of the making of the album.

  But what’s interesting about this track is the really high energy and the really strong electronic melodies and hooks kind of set this song apart, which is why we chose it as our first single.”

 Living Things is expected to hit stores on June 26.

Check out the lyric video for Burn It Down, below!

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