Friday, December 31, 2010

Bruno Mars Scores Second Number One Single

 We anticipated it since the very first time we heard him! Bruno Mars is on his way to becoming an international superstar, specially now that he has achieved his consecutive second solo chart-topper in the US with his latest single, 'Grenade'.

 Mars previously reached the number one spot with his debut single, 'Just The Way You Are', which currently stands at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Early this year, the singer achieved success in collaborations with B.O.B and Travie McCoy.

 Congrats to Mr Mars! We're positive this won't be the last time he reaches the top spot!

Britney Spears New Single Will Premiere On January 7

 The beginning of 2011 will see the return of Britney Spears to the music scene as she will premiere her new song, Hold it Against Me late next week, on January 7, according to Entertainment Weekly.

 Sharon Dastur, program director for New York's Z100, has listened to the track and revealed details about the sound: "It's produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin," Dastur explained. "And the beat that they give her is really unique compared to other artists — this infectious bass beat beneath the song. Plus, the hook is just amazing. It will be out on January 7."

 Auditions for dancers to participate in Spears new music video have already taken place and were coordinated by choreographer and former Britney collaborator Brian Friedman.

 Seems like everything is set for the return of Britney. Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments!

 Update: Britney´s manager has denied these reports, stating that the new single will indeed be released on January at a later date than the one that has been previously reported.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andrew Garfield: 'Tobey Maguire gave his blessing on new Spider-Man'

 Andrew Garfield recently revealed that he received a message of support  from Tobey Maguire regarding his participation in the new reboot of Spider-Man.

 Garfield told BBC News: "[Tobey] sent me a lovely message through a mutual friend. He gave me his support, and it meant a great deal, of course, because part of the reason I love and have continued to love this character was because of his portrayal. To step into those shoes is no mean feat."

 Garfield added: "It was generous of him to reach out and say something, so I'm thankful."

 Maguire, who played Spider-Man for three movies, is the second castmember of the original franchise to support the new project, after Kirsten Dunst did the same when asked about the reboot a month ago.

 On a personal note, I still can't stand behind this reboot but it was really thoughtful from Tobey to have that kind of gesture towards Garfield.

 What do you say? Are you willing to give the new Spider-Man a chance?

New Nick Carter!

 Click above to check out the music video for Nick Carter's new single, Just One Kiss, from his forthcoming second solo album I’m Taking Off. Thoughts?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in music hits by DJ Earworm

 Click on the video above to listen to "United States of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop)", a year of music hits mashed up by DJ Earworm in just one song! Amazing!

 Download link:

 2010 has really been really good for pop music. What is your favourite song of the year?

Matt LeBlanc is 'against Friends reunion'

 Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc, has recently admitted that he is not too keen on reprising his role of Joey Tribbiani for a reunion of the hit TV show. Even though he stated that he is still friends with all his former co-stars, LeBlanc who will next be seen on Showtime series Episodes, believes it is better to leave the memory of the show untouched.

 He told WENN: "Friends was this magical, cool thing, like lightning in a bottle, and I feel super fortunate to have been part of it."

 When asked about a possible reunion he said: "What would the story be? We all get together and what? Have coffee? It would be almost sad. It's better to just imagine what those characters are doing now."

 Personally, I have to say how much I don't agree with LeBlanc on this. A Friends reunion could be really cool if done properly, and a sure hit as far as ratings is concerned.

 What do you say? Would you dig a reunion of the hit sitcom, or is it better to leave the show dead and buried?

Lea Michele: ' I'm not ready to go solo yet'

 Lea Michele recently stated her thoughts on a career apart from Glee, and explained how she is still not ready to go on a solo project just yet. Instead, she prefers to focus on her acting for now. 

She explained to Us Weekly: "I think a solo CD is definitely in my future, but that is a really big commitment. Rachel's my baby, and making an album would be like taking care of another baby. And I'm not really ready to have another kid yet!"

 Michele also talked about what she likes to do on her spare time when she's not working on the show: "I love to come home, sack out on the couch and watch TV. Anything on Bravo is my favourite."

 Do you believe Lea's decision to wait before releasing a solo record is the right career move? Hit the comments!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lady Gaga Tops the Best-Selling Albums of 2010

 Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster, a re-release of her debut album The Fame has become the best-selling album of 2010 with almost six million copies sold. Want to find out who made the list?

Here are the top 20 best-selling albums of the year:

1. Lady Gaga – The Fame (Monster) – 5.8 million copies
2. Eminem – Recovery – 5.7 million copies
3. Justin Bieber – My Worlds – 5.6 million copies
4. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now – 3.6 million copies
5. Taylor Swift – Speak Now – 3.5 million copies
6. Susan Boyle – The Gift – 3.0 million copies
7. Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D. – 3.0 million copies
8. Michael Bublé – Crazy Love – 3.0 million copies
9. Sadé – Soldier Of Love – 2.3 million copies
10. Alicia Keys – The Element Of Freedom – 2.3 million copies
11. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream – 2.2 million copies
12. Take That – Progress – 2.2 million copies
13. Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream – 2.1 million copies
14. Ke$ha – Animal – 2.1 million copies
15. Rihanna – Loud – 2.0 million copies
16. Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More – 1.8 million copies
17. Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown – 1.7 million copies
18. Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits – 1.7 million copies
19. Usher – Raymond V Raymond – 1.7 million copies
20. Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns – 1.7 million copies

 Can you find your favourite album? What were your personal greatest hits? Sound off in the comments!

Amanda Seyfried Returns for "Big Love" Series Finale

 It is no secret that Amanda Seyfried has become a household name in Hollywood. Since starring along Meryl Streep on Mamma Mia, her career has sky rocketed and she has been working non stop in movies like Dear John, Chloe, Letters to Juliet or the upcoming Red Riding Hood.

 With so many big screen projects and having little time to concentrate on anything else, Seyfried decided to leave her HBO's TV show Big Love at the end of last season along with her co-star Aaron Paul. However, after HBO announced that the series was coming to an end in 2011, both Seyfried and Paul decided to come back and give the show the farewell it deserved.

The finale was shot in mid-December but it won't air until March. Co-creator Will Scheffer described the experience to TV Guide stating that "both Amanda and Paul really wanted to be a part of the last episode, even though they were both shooting movies, it was special. Literally and figuratively it was a family getting back together."

 Are you happy to see Amanda back on Big Love? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Concert Promoters To Reduce Ticket Prices in 2011

 The economic crisis seems to have had a serious effect on the concert business, after 2010 saw a fall in concert attendance of 12 percent compared to a year ago according to trade magazine Pollstar.

 Some of the artists affected by poor ticket sales were Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Lilith Fair, Jonas Brothers or The Eagles. Despite the problematic economy, concert promoters decided to raise the prices considerably, believing that fans would still attend the one or two concerts they attend on average every year. The result was, however, very different from what they expected as many of them decided to stay at home instead.

 Even though some promoters are aiming to cut prices for next year, they are still planning on cashing in through merchandise in order to make up for lost revenue. In fact, concert goers may not get much of a break, specially fans of hot performers such as Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga whose shows are usually very expensive as far as costs of production is concerned.

 What do you say? Are concert tickets too expensive? Sound off in the comments!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Matthew Morrison Previews His Debut Album

 We all knew the time would come when the stars of Fox hit show Glee would branch into their solo projects. Star Matthew Morrison is preparing to launch his debut solo album which will be in stores February 2011 and he describes as "something very special". Click on the video above to watch a preview of what's to come!

Michelle Branch Returns to Pop Music

 It's been a while since Michelle Branch released her last solo studio album, Hotel Paper, back in 2003. Since then, she devoted herself to The Wreckers and released the EP Everything Comes and Goes with little time to concentrate on her successful solo career. Now her fans have something to celebrate since the singer recently revealed during a Ustream chat that she's working on new material which will mark her return to pop music.

 "I was in London - I've been working on a new record Julian Emrey and Jim Irvine, who are these two writers I met in LA. The first song we wrote together is a song called 'Spark', and we were so excited about it - it was the best writing day possible! It's great because they're writers and also producers. My favourite song that we wrote together was called 'The Story Of Us'. It's a song that's really personal to me."

 Branch compared the sound of her new music with the style of her debut album. She explained: "I have 11 or 12 songs ready to go right now and I'm going to go in studio in January and start recording them. I'm really confident I will have this record out by next summer. I hate putting labels on it because a good song is a good song. This record is more in the vein of my first record, which I would say was a pop record. The last record became so exhausting that this one is all about having fun and being creative again and not feeling like I have to write a specific way for a specific genre."

 Good to know! This is definitely good news cause, as much as fans enjoyed her tapping into country music, truth be told it does not compare with her solo work. Both The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper were big hit albums and Irvin and Emrey have worked with people like Mcfly, Boyzone or David Guetta so we can't wait to see how this new music sounds like!

 What do you say? Are you happy with Michelle's return to her pop roots?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nicole Kidman cannot watch 'Rabbit Hole'

 Nicole Kidman has recently confessed to having a hard time watching her latest movie, Rabbit Hole, where she plays a mother who deals with the death of her own son.

 The actress who stars in the film alongside Aaron Eckhart, told the Huffington Post: "I still can't even watch some of the scenes because they affect me so deeply and I've never had that [happen] with a film before. Because I'm a producer, I've seen this film a number of times. I probably won't see the film again, if that makes any sense. I watch two scenes and I'm like, 'Ugghhh', because it still affects me so deeply. So I think that's the power of parenting and playing this role."

Kidman explained that being a mother herself has influenced her deeply when getting into her character's perspective: "I think from the minute that you have a child or the minute that I've experienced taking care of a child, being the caretaker of a little one, the power of that and the responsibility of that and so therefore the fear of the loss of that child is extraordinary."

 This definitely sounds intense! If you want to check out the trailer for Rabbit Hole click here. Have you already seen the movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

'Avengers' movie will shoot in New Mexico

 Joss Whedon's The Avengers will begin shooting between April and September of 2011 with locations including Michigan, New York and New Mexico.

 New Mexico governor Bill Richardson confirmed this news, stating that the upcoming movie will be "our biggest production to date" and "the most technologically advanced" ever produced in the state.

"I’m announcing this as a Christmas present of sorts to the people of New Mexico." He added: "This is a perfect example of the incredible job creation, economic impact and global visibility this industry has brought our state over the past eight years, and of the need to keep it moving forward."

 The Avengers
is one of the most ambitious projects ever made, with Joss Whedon writing and directing the film which includes stars like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson.

 Are you impatient to watch all of your favourite superheroes in the same movie? Sound off in the comments below!

Maroon 5 Unveils "Hands All Over" Music Video

 Maroon 5 just released a brand new music video for their new single, Hands All Over, from the recently released album of the same name. Click above to watch! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Listen: Ricky Martin - Shine

 Ricky Martin is back with a brand new single, Shine, from his forthcoming album Music+Soul+Sex,  out February 1, 2011. Shine is Ricky's second release from his latest effort and a nice up-tempo pop song.

Personally I'm feeling lukewarm with his music lately. Click below to listen! Thoughts?

Michelle Williams speaks about Heath Ledger's death


 For the first time since Heath Ledger's passing  three years ago, Michelle Williams speaks openly with Nightline about her thoughts regarding that delicate issue and how she coped with the loss of the father of her child.

 Since her Dawson's Creek days, Michelle has always been on the spotlight from a very young age, and the maturity and wisdom acquired from all of those years of experiences clearly come across everytime she gives an interview.

 Click on the video above to watch her speak! Thoughts?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

H.R. Giger will collaborate on ‘Alien’ prequel

 Sculptor/set designer H.R. Giger who is famous among other things for designing the Alien creature in the original 1979 movie, is set to return to his roots for the prequel directed by Ridley Scott. At least according to his wife, Scheweizer Fernsehen, who confirmed Giger's involvement with the project.

 Very little is known at this time about the film but the involvement of both Scott and Giger can almost guarantee a return to good quality science-fiction. An official announcement with details of the project is expected soon.

 Are you happy with Giger's return to the Alien franchise?

First Watch: Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now

 Duran Duran are back with a new song, All You Need Is Now, produced by Grammy Award winner Mark Ronson and it is their first single  from their 13th studio album. Check out the full video above! Thoughts?

Marc Singer returns to 'V'

 If you are over 30 years old or simply an 80's fan, you will probably remember hit series 'V' where actor Marc Singer played the character of Mike Donovan. Almost three decades later, ABC's reboot of the show has signed Singer to appear on the second season finale. The actor will play Lars Tremont, a member of a secret organisation called The Aries Project. The group, made up of politicians and military leaders, is said to be concerned that the Visitors are not looking for peace on Earth.

 Singer is the second original castmember to join the new series after Jane Badler agreed to appear throughout season two as Diana.

 Will Faye Grant or Robert Englund eventually join the show? Are you having a 80's flashback? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer Glau explains physical role in new TV series

 Summer Glau has always been a fan-favourite as a result of her appearances on TV shows such as Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Dollhouse. Now she stars on NBC's upcoming superhero drama, The Cape. Glau, who is used to playing physical challenging roles, explained to IGN that her new role fits in that same category.

 "She's willing to throw down," Glau explained. "This girl has been on her own since she was 12, so she's incredibly resourceful and she's not afraid of anything. She just makes her own rules."
 The actress plays Orwell, a character that will evolve as the show progresses: "If you watch the next episode, you'll see more and more that she gets out of the lair and onto the scene."

 In order to play her, the former Terminator star went as far as to visit a 'circus school' to prepare her for a future story arc in which her character goes undercover at a carnival.

"I was only able to go twice," she said. "I thought I was going to hate it [but I had] the time of my life. It was really fun! There are things that Orwell may have done in her life before [the show] and it's coming out very slowly, because we're on a mission and it's always do-or-die time. So that [carnival] scene was a moment of reflection that I thought was really beautiful."

 The Cape premieres with a special two-hour episode on January. Click on the video below to watch a preview! Will you be checking it out?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mariah Carey graces the cover of Pride

 Mariah Carey appears on the cover of Pride and gives her opinion on the female acts that are deserving of the diva lable nowadays: "I don’t really follow every new act - they come out constantly, there are so many, it’s often hard to keep track, and sometimes they’re here today and gone tomorrow."

When asked about her female peers, Carey mentions she admires her friends "Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj - people who seem destined to be doing this for a living with longevity."

As far as her famous diva demands, the singer gracefully accepts the label: "I'm a strong woman who works extremely hard to be able to have my life the way I want it. So, if that makes me a diva, then okay."

 Do you agree with Mariah? Should the diva status imply some sort of "longevity" in the music business?

Heather Morris confirms: 'I'm being considered for Buffy'

 Heather Morris recently confirmed to Access Hollywood that she is a contender for the role of Buffy in the upcoming big screen reboot. Rumours began swirling around recently that the Glee star was one of the possible stars for the role but they were quickly dismissed by a spokesperson for the project.

 Now, the Morris herself confirms: "They're considering me! I found out and I almost peed my pants because I was so excited!" Morris expressed her admiration for the original TV series and stated that she is such a fan that she does not care what role she ends up having as long as she gets a chance to be part of it.

"If they make [Buffy] when [Glee] is on hiatus, I don't even care what I do," Morris said. "I can just run through the shot and do nothing, even if I'm not Buffy!"

 Now that the casting rumours are confirmed, do you envision Morris as the new vampire slayer? Sound off in the comments!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teddy Riley shares his thoughts on Michael Jackson's music

 Teddy Riley has been exclusively interviewed by That Grape Juice recently in London and he answers some interesting questions regarding Michael Jackson's unreleased music and how it was to collaborate with the King of Pop in the past. The producer also gives some insight and shares anecdotes about Michael's working process and personal life. Click on the video above to watch! Thoughts?

Nicollette Sheridan drops lawsuit against ABC

 According to Gossip Cop, Nicollette Sheridan has dropped the lawsuit against both ABC and Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. The actress, whose character Edie Britt was written off the show in 2009, claimed that she got fired after complaining about an incident in which Cherry allegedly hit her back in 2008.

 Sheridan allegedly decided to end her $20m lawsuit after both ABC and Cherry agreed not to insist she undergo both a physical and psychological evaluation.

 However, this does not mean everything is good and well between the two of them, as Sheridan still insists there was wrongful termination and gender discrimination on the part of ABC.

 Wow! This looks more dramatic that an actual episode of the show! Who do you believe?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mariah Carey performs in Washington

 Mariah Carey recently performed in front of President Obama and his family at the annual Christmas in Washington. Filmed  at the National Building Museum earlier in December, Mariah performed One Child live, a song she wrote and produced for her new Christmas album, Merry Christmas 2 you. Click on the video above to watch this amazing and moving performance. Thoughts?

Madonna Teases Her Return To Music

 It's been a while since Madonna released new music. The singer has been very busy focusing on directing her new movie, "W.E.", and musical production has been put on hold. However, yesterday the singer took her Facebook to assure her fans that she's prepared to conquer the world... again. She posted the following message:

"Its official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I'm on the look out for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I'm just saying......" – Madonna

 This is very good news indeed. Let's just hope she goes for a more timeless pop/dance record, collaborating with musicians and songwriters (bring back Patrick Leonard please!), instead of going to DJ's turned producers.

 How would you like Madonna's new music to sound? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Glenn Close is Albert Nobbs

 Your eyes are not tricking you, pictured above is 63 year old Hollywood star Glenn Close! The actress stars in Albert Nobbs where she plays an English woman who disguises herself as a male butler to find work in 19th century Ireland. The movie is an adaptation based on a short story by Irish novelist George Moore.

 Close is thrilled with the project and the challenge of playing the title role: ‘I believe in this story and its potential to take everyone on a sensuous, funny, heart-breaking, wildly unexpected ride.’

 The movie, which will surely generate Close some Oscar buzz, is being filmed on location in Dublin. Close had already participated in the stage play back in 1982 getting amazing reviews that praised her performance. After years trying to get the movie made, Close has finally seen it turn into a reality.

"Ten years ago I was here hoping to make the film. I feel it is a really wonderful partnership and I'm very excited. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have this extraordinary group of talent both behind and in front of the camera," she said at a press conference in Dublin, where the movie is being shot.

The film's director, Rodrigo García, described the script as being "moving and funny with a story that is compelling. It is something about people's interior lives and their longing. It is rare for a script to bring together so many interesting themes."

 Are you looking forward to seeing Close in Albert Nobbs? The movie sure looks like a winner! Sound off in the comments!

And the Best Newcomer Award goes to...

 TheMovie411 Blog Awards have finally announced its winners and I'm  happy to confirm that Radio Pop Action won in the category of Best Newcomer 2010!! Its been a real honour to participate among such terrific contenders. Making it to the top 5 among hundreds of blogs who participated was a total surprise, but to win an award after being online for only 4 months is something I never anticipated. I would like to thank Dempsey and everyone at TheMovie411 for their hard work and support.

 I created my blog as an outlet to explore my passion, without really thinking I would be so welcome in a community of bloggers and readers who cared about what I had to say. This is why I want to thank each and everyone of you, the ones who follow everyday, the ones who comment on my posts, the random visitors and even the shy ones who won't say a word... THANK YOU! You are the real prize, and the reason this blog exists.

Cruise & Paltrow might join 'Rock of Ages' Movie

 A big screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, Rock of Ages, is on the works and the rumoured cast could not be more appealing. First, it was reported that Tom Cruise was in discussions for a supporting role in the movie.

 Now, Gwyneth Paltrow has told EW that she has been offered a part in the film which she is carefully considering: “I just got the script … but it sounds like it could be fun.”  Paltrow has recently been linked to a number of projects involving music such as her film Country Strong and a critically acclaimed guest starring role on Glee.

 It has been confirmed that the movie will be directed by Adam Shankman (Hairspray), who has valuable experience in this genre.

 Are you hopeful to see Paltrow and Cruise attached to this project? Sound off in the comments!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tune Of The Week: Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside The Lines

Our chosen tune of the week is only 13 years old but sings and plays piano just like any experienced adult singer would. Greyson Chance started as a YouTube sensation (his video performance of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi is the third most watched video of the year!) and now he is presenting his brand new music video, Waiting Outside The Lines.

 Little Greyson reminds us of a much younger male version of singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton. Click on the video above to watch! Thoughts?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'King's Speech' and 'Glee' lead Golden Globe Nominations

 Yes, it's that time of the year again! The nominations for the 2011 Golden Globes have been announced and as usual, there are some clear favourites and one or two surprises as well. In the movie categories, Tom Hooper's drama, King's Speech, has earned seven nominations including 'Best Film (Drama)' and
acting nods for stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.

 Not far behind we find one of the movies of the year, David Fincher's The Social Network, and David O. Russell's The Fighter with six nominations each. Black Swan and Inception are also nominated in the Best Film (Drama) category.

 In the running for best acting, Johnny Depp is a clear favourite with not one, but two nominations for both Alice In Wonderland and The Tourist. Pair Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have also earned nominations for Blue Valentine.

 As far as Television is concerned, Fox's Glee is the leader of the pack with a total of five nominations including 'Best Comedy Series', 'Best Actor in a Television Comedy Series' for Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) and 'Best Actress in a Television Comedy Series' for Lea Michele (Rachel Berry).

 There has been some pleasant surprises such as AMC's hit, The Walking Dead, which has been nominated in the Best Drama Series category.

The power of cable was showcased being HBO the most-nominated network overall, with a total of 12 nominations. Showtime came in second with eight nominations.

 The Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 16, 2011. To check out the complete list of nominees on both film and TV click here.

 Do you have any particular favourites? Share with us!

‘True Blood’ Stars Tease Season Four

 We all know how True Blood has become one of the biggest hit series for HBO. During last season's finale, director Alan Ball left viewers with a host of cliffhangers that, according to the stars of the show, will be worth the wait.

“There’s gonna be some changes with Tara,” Rutina Wesley told Access Hollywood. “Hopefully some power and some strength. And not be tied up all the time". Wesley refers to the terrible experiences her character had to endure these last couple of season, which saw her leaving Bon Temps last season's finale.

Joe Manganiello, who joined the show during Season 3 as fan-favorite Alcide Herveaux, gave some hints as to what exactly season 4 is about:

“We can kind of logic it out from what we know: What we know is that the werewolves and vampires don’t get along. We know that fairies and vampires don’t get along… Then we know from the books — if you look at the books — that the witches don’t get along with vampires. So basically everybody doesn’t get along with vampires. So at some point I would imagine the vampires are going to possibly [make] some friends, I would imagine, maybe they’re going to need help against all these people, I don’t know. I think there’s going to be some unlikely alliances formed and it seems like there’s going to be a lot of fighting.”

 So, there you have it! It seems that True Blood isn't planning on slowing down anytime soon. Are you anxious for the return of the show?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Take That performs at Strictly Come Dancing

 Click on the video above to watch Take That perform their 1995 hit, "Back For Good", for the first time as a five-piece band since they reunited with former member, Robbie Williams. Does it bring back memories from the 90's?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reese Witherspoon: 'I'm not interested in superhero movies'

 After a two year hiatus, Reese Witherspoon has returned to the big screen and graces the magazine cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. The actress who stars opposite Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson in the upcoming romantic comedy How Do You Know, explained that the lack of interesting roles motivated her to take a break from the camera for a while.

“There are a lot of really, really, really big movies about robots and things — and there’s not a part for a 34-year-old woman in a robot movie. I've never done the superhero movie. That doesn't interest me too much.”

 In the meantime, Reese has kept herself busy by raising her two kids, 11-year-old Ava and 7-year-old Deacon, whom she co-parents with ex-husband, Ryan Phillipe: "I also have kids, so when I'm not working, it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing. I'm taking care of two kids who are rapidly growing up in some bizarre time warp. I mean, somehow I now have an 11-year-old."

 When talking about her past relationships, Witherspoon choses not to focus on the negative: “I have one of those incredible memories where I just erase painful things….I truly believe you never lose in a relationship. You’ve always gained something.”

  Click on the video below to watch the trailer for Reese's latest movie, How Do You Know, which is released in the US on December 17. Will you be checking it out?

Teddy Riley teases more unreleased Jackson music

 Producer Teddy Riley who collaborated with Michael Jackson in the past and participated in the late singer's latest album, Michael, has promised there is more unreleased material for fans to look forward to in the future.

 Riley told BBC newsbeat: "It's what [Michael] would have expected us to do. It's not about the money, it's about making sure everything is right. I look forward to doing the next one and I'm glad I'm on board. It's an incredible record."
 Riley also recently mentioned that a salsa-flavored song called Burn Tonight which didn't make this album may get a future release.  "It's not what people would expect from Michael," he said. "It's like something from 'Dancing with the Stars."    

 Michael left tons of new material before he passed away, some of it was completed and some was left unfinished. In November 2009 at least 21 new songs were registered by the Michael Jackson Estate, none of which appeared on Michael. Songs like Don’t Be Messin’, Innocent Man, World of Candy or Neverland Landing could see the light of day in future releases. Another possibility regarding the unfinished material is a rumoured duets album. According to Riley, there are many songs "where Michael only sung the first verse" and would be completed as duets with "great artists, artists with substance".

 What do you say? Are you guys looking forward to more unreleased music from the King of Pop?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heather Morris won't be the new Buffy

 After rumours started swirling around that Glee star Heather Morris would be playing the lead role on the upcoming big screen reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Warner Bros. has been quick to dismiss them.

"We're not even thinking about casting yet, the script isn't even written!" screenwriter Whit Anderson told The Hollywood Reporter.

 Morris has recently become popular after becoming a series regular on Fox hit show, Glee.

 Early this year, it was reported that a brand new adaptation of the character without series creator Joss Whedon's was in development. Since then, fans everywhere and even stars of the original TV show such as Eliza Dushku (who played fan-favourite Faith in both 'Buffy' and its spin-off, 'Angel') have reacted against a Whedon-less remake:
“I go to Joss’s parties. I’ll just leave it at that,” Dushku told MTV News. Not only that but she also took her Twitter to express her opinion on the project: "Joss made the "Buffster" & w/out him... I just don't trust the girl. Or the world."

 Alyson Hannigan (who played Willow) also stated her disgust towards the new movie and expressed her thoughts to Cinemablend:  "That's a very big mistake in my opinion. I mean if Joss isn't involved, it's only the title." When asked about her involvement she said: "Not without Joss. Joss is the only reason that we would go back. I mean, it's just ridiculous to think of that TV show without Joss. That's just silly to me… And all the fans know that, too, so I don't know what they're thinking."

 There are still no official cast announcements from Warner Bros regarding the new Buffy movie.

 According to fans, there is no Buffy without Sarah Michelle Gellar but, besides her, is there any particular actress you would like to see inherit the stake? Or is Gellar's portrayal of the character irreplaceable? Sound off in the comments!

'Thor' Trailer Debuts Online

 Marvel's next great superhero movie is here! This time the hero is Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a mystical warrior god from Asgard who is cast out by his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), due to his arrogance and reckless behaviour, and forced to live on Earth as his punishment.

 This comic book adaptation is attractive in many ways, with a cast including Natalie Portman and directed by none other than Kenneth Branagh, it will sure be one of the hits of the summer and an interesting preview to Joss Whedon's Avengers movie. Thor arrives in theatres on May 20, 2011.

 Click on the video above to watch the trailer! Thoughts?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Nelly Furtado encourages songwriting to newcomers

 Nelly Furtado insists that upcoming artists should write their own songs if they want to make a positive impact in the music industry. The singer told Associated Press that many newcomers simply rely on platforms such as YouTube to be discovered instead of focusing on their own writing talent.

 She explained: "Write your own songs - even if you don't end up using it, it shows you what you want to say and you get in touch with what you want to say and who you are as an artist. I think nowadays everybody feels like they can become a star just because they're on YouTube, but that's not the only part of the equation. There's a lot of hard work that goes with it and if you don't have the chops to back it up, it's gonna to be more challenging later on."

 Furtado stated that, when she was starting in the music business, she had to fight with her label to be true to herself and trust her own instincts. She recalled her first video shoot for "I'm Like a Bird": "I fought to wear those shell-toe Adidas runners and [to wear] my hair back and those hoop [earrings] and the big jeans - I had to fight for all those things. You have to brand your image and wear what you want to wear and feel how you want to feel because people are seeing you for the first time."

 Interesting thoughts! How do you feel about Furtado's advice to younger artists?

Kevin Williamson dishes on new scary TV series

The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson has had a very busy year with the success of his TV show and writing the script for Scream 4, but that doesn't mean he is slowing down anytime soon. It has been reported by EW that Williamson and his co-producer, Julie Plec, are developing a new scripted show for TV that will not be a spin-off for The Vampire Diaries but will serve as a companion.

 He explains: "It’s set on a college campus. There’s a little bit of some paranormal investigation involved, but it’s more about the characters. It’s more about what Julie and I like to do, which is create a world of people. A young girl goes to college, and it turns out there’s a lot more going on.”

 Williamson insists that the show is still in its early stages of development and nothing is set in stone yet:
“Warner Bros. doesn’t like us to talk about shows that may never happen,” he states. “We don’t know if we’ll get it written in time, or if this will be for this year, next year…. But it’s just something we’re both very passionate about because we’ve got this whole world and this whole sort of mythology about this girl and this journey that she takes. It’s full of scary, horrible murder and surprises, and all the twists and turns that we love to do, but once again it is a story about epic love.”

 When asked if he would be open to a possible crossover between this new show and The Vampire Diaries, Williamson responds “absolutely”, and adds: “It would be a companion in the sense that they would sort of exist in the same world, but it’s a different show. I don’t want to mess with [The Vampire Diaries]. This show’s gold. This show is very special.”

Are you hoping to see this new series become a reality in the future? Sound off in the comments!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Watch: Michael Jackson & Akon - Hold my Hand music video

 Click above to watch the new video for Hold My Hand, Michael Jackson's first single from Michael. Thoughts?

Ne-Yo upset over album sales

 RnB singer Ne-Yo has stated that he feels "disturbed" by the poor sales obtained with his latest effort, Libra Scale. The singer's fourth studio album was released last month and has been struggling in the charts since then.

 Ne-Yo told CW Detroit that he blames ilegal downloading for the poor results: "I was a little disturbed by my first week numbers, but a lot of things went into that first week number… the album getting leaked a month in advance definitely had something to do with it".

 He added: "That was another situation where I jumped on my soapbox [twitter] and let the world know how I felt about that. You know it’s the world we live in today, it’s the game. You either play the game or you get out. I’m not gonna let the ignorance of some stop me from doing what I feel like I was put on this earth to do."

 Ne-Yo may have a point regarding poor sales with his album being leaked a month early, but truth be told  "Libra Scale" doesn't measure up to the quality of his previous work. Aside from a couple of songs, the LP is boring and uninspired.

 What do you think? Is Ne-Yo's flop a result of ilegal downloading or bad musical choices?

Aretha Franklin is battling cancer

 There have been rumours swirling around about the health of Aretha Franklin after she underwent surgery last Thursday. The fact that the reason behind the surgery was surrounded by secrecy led up to rumours that she was suffering from incurable pancreatic cancer.

 Now, a relative of the singer has told Fox 2 News in Detroit that Franklin is indeed battling cancer although no further information has been provided at the moment. The family added that Franklin was doing "ok" and ask that fans keep the star in their prayers and thoughts.

 Lets wish Aretha a speedy recovery and hope this is nothing serious.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Album Review: Michael Jackson - "Michael"

  As a long-time Michael Jackson fan, the idea of listening to new music from the King of Pop was something that I've been looking forward to for years. After his unexpected passing last year, I knew that June 25th marked the end of an era as far as his music is concerned. The awaited new album would never see the light of day, at least the way Michael himself envisioned it. However, there was still a possibility that many of his unreleased recordings saw the light of day in the future. Almost a year and a half later, Sony releases "Michael", a posthumous album (or so they claim) of new music that Jackson was working on the last couple of years.

  The approach for this record was risky because a lot of the material was unfinished or too raw to meet Sony standards so a decision was made for other producers to finish what Michael had already started. People like Teddy Riley or Neff-U were brought in to work on the project following a "roadmap" Michael had left in order to complete the album. This has caused a backlash from fans everywhere who claim that the tracks should have been left as untouched as possible, which ponders the question: Could they really intuit what Jackson would have wanted for each given song?

  To make matters worse, there are claims that 3 of the tracks (the ones produced by Cascio) feature an impostor and not Michael's voice. This is partly why we must not consider this a new Michael Jackson album per se, but a collage or collection of unreleased material completed as a tribute or testament to his genius.

Lets do a song-by-song analysis of the album:

Hold My Hand (7/10)

 An early version of this mid-tempo track had already leaked in 2008, so die-hard fans were already familiar with it. The song in itself is pretty decent, although it sounds more like something Akon would do (the credits don´t lie) rather than a Michael Jackson hit. Although enjoyable and uplifting, I do not think it serves the album well by having it released as a first single. The best moments of this track is when Michael's voice is prominently featured.

Hollywood Tonight (8.5/10)

 This energetic track is definitely one of the highlights of the album. Produced by longtime collaborator Teddy Riley, both the music and the vibe contained in this track is more reminiscent of the Jackson we all know and love with a modern 2000's twist that will make you want to dance to it. The lyrics talk about the dangers of success and fame, with Michael's vocals sounding deeper than usual but nevertheless effective. It has definite single potential (they should have gone with this one instead of Hold My Hand). On a side note, the spoken bridge is performed by Taryll Jackson, one of Michael's nephews and member of 3T.

Keep Your Head Up (6/10)

 This is the first Cascio track of the album, a mid-tempo song that culminates with a gospel choir singing about hope and strength in life. Many fans are divided in their opinions regarding the authencity of Michael's vocals. Based on my humble intuition, I believe that this is the only one of the Cascio tracks that could feature his real voice. An early version of the song was leaked weeks ago which featured some Earth Song adlibs that, thankfully, have been removed in this final album version.

(I Like) The Way You Love Me (8/10)

 The original demo of this song was released a while ago on the 2004 Box Set, The Ultimate Collection. It was not unusual for Michael to return to tracks from previous album sessions and rework them for new releases. This was the case with this song which features excellent production by Neff-U as well as a brand new intro and vocal effects. This is an example of how additional production can be successful on the album when done properly.

Monster (4/10) 

 One of the most suspicious tracks on the record. The estate situates the recording in 2007, at Eddie Cascio's home studio with Michael singing through a lenght of PVC tubing. One cannot help but wonder if this is just a way to justify the fact that Michael's signature voice is nowhere to be found in this song (except for bits and pieces taken from previous recordings). However, it does prove what an excellent producer Teddy Riley is combining melody and innovative sounds. With a rap by 50 cent, the song does have great potential. Too bad most of us don't believe it is really Michael Jackson singing.

Best of Joy (9/10)

 Recorded in Los Angeles in 2009, this mid-tempo ballad is believed to be one of Michael's final recordings and his voice could not sound any better. Delicate and smooth, it features Jackson's distinct falsetto
as he sings "I am the moon, you are the spring, our lives a sacred thing"  to his loved one. Produced by Neff-U, this is one of the strongest tracks of the album, and one that showcases the amazing talent that Jackson still had before taking his final bow.

Breaking News (2/10)

The first song to be previewed from the album, and also the most controversial one. While the estate defends its authenticity, his fans believe that the person singing is not the real Michael Jackson but an impersonator. The vocals of this anti-media track lack the strength and clarity of any typical Jackson recording, yet Teddy Riley's production infuses it with a much needed catchy pop groove. Overall, this is definitely the weakest link of the record.

(I Can't Make It) Another Day (7/10)

 Taken from the Invincible recording sessions, this track is written and produced by Lenny Kravitz who is also featured in the background vocals. Part of the original 1999 demo leaked a while ago, prompting Kravitz to complete production on the track by adding drums and guitar which consequently has overshadowed Jackson powerful vocals in this new version. However, even though it does seem somehow incomplete, the song showcases Michael's amazing vocal range and adds a much needed rock vibe to the album.

Behind the Mask (9/10)

 Originally intended for Thriller, Behind the Mask is a adaptation of one of Michael's favourite songs by Yellow Magic Orchestra who gave him their blessing to add new lyrics and arrangements. Producer John Mcclain has produced this new version by modernizing the production in search of a more current sound. The song is one of the strongest included in this music collection, with Jackson vocals sounding as good as ever. Would have definitely become a hit had it been released in the Thriller era. However, one cannot help but wonder how the original 80's version would have sounded like without all the updated modernized production that has been added later on, in order to make it blend in with the rest of the songs of this record. Sony should definitely consider releasing it someday as it was originally conceived.

Much Too Soon (8/10)

 Another track shelved from the Thriller era, Much Too Soon was a song that Michael would return to over the years but never found its place on any of his albums, perhaps because of its folk inspired sound. It showcases the simplicity of an artist who was also a great singer/songwriter dealing with love, regret and yearning. With just the exquisite sound of his voice accompained by strings and acoustic guitar, this bittersweet song is an excellent choice to end the album. 

Watch this: 'Vanishing on 7th Street' Trailer!

 Hayden Christensen's upcoming new movie, Vanishing on 7th Street, finds the star returning to the science-fiction genre and a much more mainstream project. The story is situated in Detroit, a city which suddenly finds itself in total darkness with the entire city population almost vanished. After the sun goes down, a group of individuals struggle to find out what is hiding in the darkness.

 The film's premise sounds promising! Check the trailer above! Thoughts?

"I Am Number Four" full trailer is unveiled

 After watching the teaser for I Am Number Four I was already having high hopes for this movie, but by the looks of the full length trailer, I can definitely confirm it has definitely the potencial of becoming one of the big hits of 2011! Besides having Martin Noxon, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar penning the script cannot hurt. Click above to watch! Thoughts?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hans Zimmer denies 'Superman' rumours

 A few days back, it was reported that Hans Zimmer had agreed to score Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot. However, The Dark Knight composer has stated that the rumours originated from a "dirty quote taken out of context".

"Let’s just be absolutely straight here: I have never in my life met Zack Snyder. I think I need to give him a ring," he said.

 Fortunately for all Superman fans, Zimmer not only stated that his "heart belongs to Batman" but he praised John Williams for his work on the previous movies: "John Williams [is] the greatest living composer - full stop. And [Superman] happens to be one of his greatest themes," he commented. "So no. And I'm not thinking of rewriting Beethoven's ninth either. It just sounds like a thankless task, you know? So that's unequivocally a no."

This is certainly good news for fans of the superhero, as there is still a strong possibility that John Williams original theme may be included in the score of the new movie after all.

 What do you guys think? Do you believe Zimmer's statement about Williams is fair or exaggerated?

Life Unexpected DVD gets a release date

 There is good news and bad news. The good news is that Warner has announced that  fan-favourite Life Unexpected, will finally be released on DVD on April 5, 2011. However, the DVD will be released under the name Life Unexpected: The Complete Series, which has only fueled rumours that the show will get canceled after its current second season.

 The DVD will include all episodes from the show's two seasons as well as a wide variety of extras, including a behind-the-scenes feature, deleted scenes, and a gag reel.
Sadly, it seems as if all signs point to the inevitable cancellation of the show. Looking on the bright side, at least fans still get a proper DVD release with many goodies to relive the best moments of the show over and over again.

 Will you get a copy? Sound off in the comments!

Monday, December 6, 2010

'The Walking Dead' season finale breaks records in viewership

 Last night's season finale of AMC's The Walking Dead continued its ratings success, when over 6 million people tuned in to watch, making it the most watched episode of the series. Not only that but, according to Nielsen Media Research, the zombie series based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, has now become  the most watched drama series in basic cable history in viewers aged 18 to 49. That is a really big accomplishment, taking into account that the show is just getting started and its first season has only consisted on six episodes. Too bad fans of the show will have to wait an entire year for the series to return with a second season!

  Did you watch the season finale of The Walking Dead last night? Thoughts?