Friday, May 11, 2012

Album Review: Strangeland - Keane

  It´s been 4 long years since Keane´s latest musical effort Perfect Symmetry was released and since then, the band has taken their time in the studio to come back with something they could feel proud of.

 If their previous album was an effort to explore new sounds and test new waters, Strangeland is quite the opposite. In fact, it is a return to their roots and earlier style that made them so popular in the first place.

 Lets do a track by track overview of the record:

You Are Young - The album’s opening track makes it clear that we are about to experience the complete Keane experience. The song, which deals with the uncertainties of youth, does not hesitate to bring back the piano melodies that Keane is famous for. 7/10

Silenced By The Night - After having listened to the full album, this mid-tempo song as the lead single might not have been our first choice. Pleasant to the ears but definitely not the strongest of the new album. 5.5/10

Disconnected - The other single taken from the album is a far more interesting choice complete with a powerful chorus that showcases Tom Chaplin´s amazing vocals. After watching the amazing music video for this track you cannot help falling in love with it. 9/10

Watch How You Go - The first ballad slows things a bit, and lets Chaplin shine as the undeniably brilliant vocalist he is. The song however lacks some emotion in comparison to previous Keane ballads. 6.5/10

Sovereign Light Cafe - A fun and nostalgic song that could serve the band well if released on the radio. 7.5/10

On The Road - This is hands down the most uplifting song on this record and it definitely has single potential. Strong bass and powerful chorus. Should be interesting to watch them perform this one live on tour. 8.5/10

The Starting Line - A simple production carries this mid-tempo track. Nothing new but nevertheless it is still an ok song. 6/10

Black Rain - Perhaps the most moody and introspective song on the album. 7/10

In Your Own Time - A song about a relationship left unfolded. Simple yet powerful message and memorable melodies make the song lovable with every listen. 7/10

Day Will Come - Another contender to be a future single. It feautures a catchy pop melody that is reminiscent of the sound of their debut album "Hopes & Fears". 9/10

Neon River - Perhaps a little more experimental in sound but not as radical as their previous record. It is still a typical Keane song at heart. 6/10

Sea Fog - A piano-driven piece that sounds perfect to close the album. 7/10

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