Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Cast of "Melrose Place" Reunites

  Most of the original cast of  Melrose Place, one of the biggest shows of the 90s, reunited last month for a photoshoot that is featured on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

 Popular faces such as Heather Locklear or Marcia Cross, saw each other for the first time in years and did some catching up with their lives and careers. 

 The cast looks extremely good considering its been 13 years since the show got canceled by Fox.

  Courtney Thorne-Smith remembered the good old days filming Melrose:

 “We did great at first, and then not so great, and it didn’t get great again until Heather came on. That’s when the show really took off. She brought a lot of life to it. The show had been about eight kids trying to make it. When Heather came in, the show became this soap about crazy things happening — love ­triangles, relationships, drama!”

 The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly is available now and it also features other popular reunions such as the cast of Clueless or Arrested Development among others!
  Are you happy to see the old cast of Melrose Place reunited? Do you miss the show?

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