Monday, November 19, 2012

First Listen: Moonshine - Bruno Mars

  Bruno Mars is ready to give us more amazing jams to listen to from his upcoming album Unorthodox Jukebox.

 Today we bring you what he has confirmed as his next single, Moonshine.

"Ive been jammin to this song for a while now. I hope yall can groove wit me and slide wit me but most important BOK wit me #Moonshine," Mars tweeted.

Recently, Mars explained to Rolling Stone magazine how the track was conceived:

 "We all went out one night, and they had actual moonshine on the menu. We drank it all night, then headed to the studio - Jeff ­got on keyboards, Mark starts playing electronic drums that sound like '80s Prince and I started screaming, 'Moonshine, take us to the stars!'"

 Produced by Jeff Bhasker and Nicky Romero, the song sounds amazing, clearly inspired by the 80´s and it has a Michael Jackson feel to it.

Listen to Moonshine below!

Are you anxious to listen to the rest of the album?

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