Saturday, August 28, 2010

Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" Album Review

Katy Perry's last album is definitely what is was meant to be, a fun pop summer record to listen to when you want to uplift your spirit and listen to sweet pop dance beats. "Teenage Dream", which is a far cry from her previous effort, doesn´t dissapoint listeners who are expecting a non shy, loudmouthed Miss Perry with provocative and jaw dropping lyrics that talk about relationships, love, drugs, youth and sex. The singer who "kissed a girl and liked it", has surrounded herself with some of the best European producers and now sings about getting intimate with an extraterrestrial as well as many other over the top situations but it is always from a humouristic, giggly point of view. Among the 12 songs that constitute this pop gem, I have chosen what I felt is one of the most infectious cuts from the album called "Peacock". If you don't get the lyrics (!!!) don't worry, the music will do the rest. Listen to the track below!

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