Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Ace of Base vs. Jenny Berggren

One of the most successful music groups of the 90´s has returned with a new look... and new members! The two new vocalists (Clara and Julia) substitute the Berggren sisters (Jenny and Linn) who left the group to pursue other endeavours. Brother Jonas "Joker" Berggren and Ulf "Buddha" Ekberg are still in charge of the sound and production of the new album, which is due in the fall of 2010, and their first single is called "All for you".

Coincidentally, former Ace of Base vocalist Jenny Berggren has released her first single as a solo artist. "Here I am" is an electro-pop song, it has reached number 14 on the Swedish singles charts and it is available on iTunes. You can watch the video in the link below:

I personally believe that the new Ace of Base single is ok, but hasn't quite captured the essence of the group, partly because that chemistry was provided by the Berggren sisters, specially Linn who left the group early on due to her troubles coping with fame and popularity. They should have definitely kept Jenny in the band and release the songs with her voice. "Here I am" suffers from the same problem as the group's new single, it lacks the reggae inspired beats that Ace of Base was famous for. With Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" success, there isn't a better moment for a comeback... but will it be as successful with all these changes? What do you think? Are you into the new Ace of Base 2.0 or do you prefer Jenny Berggren's solo effort? Sound off in the comments below!

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