Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Falling Skies" Pilot Review

 Just recently we had the pleasure of attending an exclusive preview for the new TV Series Falling Skies, a science fiction show produced by Steven Spielberg about the aftermath of an alien invasion.

 TNT Spain invited the bloggers over to take an exclusive first look at the show that has earned so much buzz lately and will probably be one of this summer´s biggest hits.

 Due to the fact that the show has not even aired yet, we gave our word that we would not reveal any revelant plot details, so beware that this review will be spoiler free.

 The show basically revolves around history professor Tom Mason, one of the leaders of the resistance groups against the aliens.Wyle aside, the other two actors that really stood out in the pilot were Drew Roy, who plays Mason´s oldest son, and Moon Bloodgood as pediatrician Anne Glass.

The episode has Spielberg´s signature style, such as the importance of the children´s point of view in the plot or the amazing special effects. However, make no mistake. This isn´t just your average science fiction show... it is also a family drama.

  The lack of information we get from what has happened is what will keep the viewer craving for more. We are presented with an apocaliptic world where both characters and viewers share the ignorance about the real motives behind the alien invasion. Unlike many other similar alien invasion themed TV series, we do not witness what has happened, only the consequences of the tragedy. 

 Given the fact that the pilot has limited time to present the characters and the story to the audience, we can fairly say that Falling Skies has great potential to develop as a solid and entertaining show for the summer. Now that "V" has officially left the building, Falling Skies may be better than the average consolation prize.

 Falling Skies premieres on the US this Sunday, June 19 and on TNT Spain on June 24.

 Radio Pop Action! would like to give special thanks to the TNT Spain Team for inviting us to the preview, specially Chema López, Juan Zavala and Alejandro Vázquez for their kindness and attention.

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  1. The definite sense of “what is going on?” will surely keep me watching. I work for DISH Network and I see a lot of shows come and go but this is certainly one that I will watch wherever I go. I’ve got a Sling Adapter as part of my entertainment setup so it allows me to relay all of my live programming onto my Smartphone. It’s not a bad deal and it keeps me well entertained as I hope Falling Skies will live up to.