Thursday, June 2, 2011

'Glee' Last Minute Scripts

  According to Glee stars Matthew Morrison and Dot Jones, the scripts for the Fox hit comedy are often being written as they go as a consequence of falling behind schedule.

 The actors revealed to TV Addict that this is partly because the show is currently being written by 3 people - Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy - who are working against time.

 "They're writing as we go and working their butts off," Jones explains. "Some days they'd only finish three of the six acts, so when we'd get your script two days before we start working and you weren't anywhere in there, you'd know you're going to be in the episode, you'll just get your lines some time during the eight days we shoot a show."

 Star Matthew Morrison explains how this same thing happened during the season finale:

"Literally, the end of the season, the season finale we just shot, they were handing us script pages like, 'Say this right here.' The show is such an epic thing to film, we got so backed up."

 On a personal note we must add that the show´s writing has really gone downhill this season. Hire more writers already!

 Could this discipline of work have something to do with that?

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