Thursday, October 6, 2011

Glee Recap: Asian F

 Glee´s return to first season awesomeness continued with this week´s episode.

 For once the attention turned to less featured characters such as Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr), Mercedes (Amber Riley) or Emma (Jayma Mays) and it really worked. Add a little Britanny´s performance to the mix and you get an outstanding episode called Asian F.

 We finally got to see some parenting aroung Mckinley high school! Yes, Mike Chang´s parents actually appear on this episode and not only do we get to know this character better, but he gets an entire song to SING by himself! Bonus points for that.

 Speaking about parents, Will finds out Emma´s are the reason behind her obsessive-compulsive disorder after meeting them. Wemma fans surely found this episode satisfying as the couple seems to be going as stronger as ever.Plus, Will singing Fix You to his girlfriend doesn´t hurt one bit, does it?

 However, the real shining star of this episode was without a doubt, Mercedes. Amber Riley sure knows how to deliver amazing songs without any apparent effort. Mercedes has been two years waiting for her moment and now it´s her time to shine... or maybe not? She decides she´s had enough of Rachel taking the spotlight from her which leads to one of the best Glee numbers EVER. 

 To sum up:

The Best: Mike Chang carrying an entire storyline by himself and Mercedes being front and center for most of the episode. Plus, Jane Lynch hardly showed up. I guess Ryan Murphy finally realized that Sue doesn´t need to appear in every single episode repeating herself!

The Worst: Not enough Idina Menzel.

Quote to Remember: "You always zig when i think you´re about to zag and I just love that about you". (Blaine to Kurt)

Best Musical Number: The whole New Directions gang singing "It's All Over" from Dreamgirls.

The moment: Will trying to understand Emma´s coping mechanism while singing Coldplay´s Fix You to her.

What did you guys think of this week´s episode?

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