Sunday, November 13, 2011

Album Review: Talk That Talk - Rihanna

 Rihanna is one of the most prolific artists of this generation. She has released an album per year since she first started out in the music business six years ago, and radio stations from all over the world have fallen in love with her hit songs.

 Now she´s back with Talk The Talk, a record which follows the signature style of pop-dance music she returned to with her previous effort, Loud (Rated R was the only exception and her biggest dissapointment up to this day).

 The album as a whole is no masterpiece, although it does have a variety of hits waiting to become DJ favourites at clubs everywhere.

 Let´s take a closer look with a track by track overview:

You Da One- Rihanna finally sings about positive love and she´s embracing it. Her vocals seem comfortable on a reggae-infused track mixed with a touch of dubstep courtesy of hitmaker producer Dr. Luke. 8/10

Where Have You Been - Definitely one of the highlights of the album, and will be a club banger for sure! Calvin Harris provides some crazy dance, dubstep and techno beats in what is sure to become a massive hit song on the dancefloor. 9/10

We Found Love - The first single we´ve all grown to know and love, and her latest song to hit the number one spot. A very appropiate choice for the first single from the album. 9/10

Talk That Talk - Rihanna reunites with Jay Z for the first time since her Umbrella era, but the result is not as half as appealing. An urban song complete with some dirty lyrics and hiphop beats. 5/10

Cockiness (Love It) - It is reminiscent of the old school Missy Elliot sound but fails to achieve the successfull outcome of the popular rapper tracks. Instead, it becomes an annoying imitation of a style that doesn´t suit the Barbados singer. 3/10

Birthday Cake - The sexual innuendos of the previous track continue on this interlude/song, along with some more annoying sounds that only seem to interrupt the flow of the album. 2/10

We All Want Love - Rihanna showcases a softer side on this one, and the anthemic and radio-friendly chorus definitely stands out. 7/10

Drunk On Love - The vocals on this track are powerful but the production team behind it seems beneath it which, as a result, substracts the brilliance that could have been. Destined to be just an average filler song. 6/10

'Watch n' Learn - This song really becomes more enjoyable with each listen. Rihanna´s vocals sometimes are reminiscent of those from TLC. Lots of strong bass and sensual lyrics. 6.5/10

Farewell - The album closes with a melodic and heartfelt ballad about saying goodbye to a loved one. Definitely not her best slow jam but an appropiate way of drawing the album to a close (plus, it has single potential). 7.5/10

You can listen to one of our favorite tracks on the album, Where Have You Been, below!

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