Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Walking Dead' Showrunners Talk New Episodes

 The Walking Dead is about to return with brand new episodes and producers Glenn Mazzara and Robert Kirkman teased what we can expect for the rest of the second season.

Mazzara spoke to Collider about the upcoming storylines:

"After the finale, finding Sophia in the barn is just a huge event that rocks our characters and changes everything on the farm. So, I think the stakes are much higher and people are dealing with a lot more."

He also promises a more accelerated second half of the season as far as the stories go, and defended the show after fans criticized the latest episodes as being too slow:

"I don't know if we'd say that we regret any of the episodes that we did. I'm proud of those episodes and, if some people feel that some of those episodes were slower than others, I could argue that we were spending time with our characters."

Kirkman on the other hand added:

"We recognise this criticism, and it is valid, but we are working on a 13-piece puzzle that, as a whole, should be seen in a different light. We're hoping that, when it's all put together, people will see that it all came together in a good way."

Mazzara firmly believes that The Walking Dead is a "difficult show to write". He explains:

"People have expectations about the show. If we have a zombie attack every week, people say it's the zombie-of-the-week. And, if we don't have zombies, people say there are no zombies. So, it's a challenging situation.

[But] I think people will be satisfied, by the end of this run. You learn how to do a show, as you're writing it. The story material reveals itself, so if there's a way to break down that criticism and look at it moving forward, that's valid."

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12.

You can check out a preview below!

Will you tune in?

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