Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Listen: Triumphant (Get Em) - Mariah Carey

  It´s been a while since Mariah Carey has released new music. Triumphant is her brand new single from her upcoming new studio album.

 The track features Rick Ross and Meek Mill and will be available to download at iTunes next Tuesday, August 7th.

 As far as the song goes, it feels like a letdown after almost three years of silence. Instead of getting back to her pop roots or experimenting with a new sound, Mariah seems to be stuck with her old RnB production. 

 Moreover,  she seems like a guest in her own song instead of the main artist. Lets hope she releases something more powerful before the album comes out.

 In the meantime, click below to listen!

 What do you guys think of  Triumphant?

UPDATE: Seems that Mariah and her team have realized that in order to reach most of her fanbase the single needed a change so the diva has issued a dance remix that not only is rapper free but features some brand new vocals. 

The result is so much better than the original song. This should be the track released to radio!  

Listen to it below!

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