Saturday, April 18, 2015

Top five reasons why you should be watching "Secrets and Lies"

Midseason programming usually has the unfair reputation of not exactly bringing the best quality television shows. However, there is one new show that might have not fallen under your radar and  here at Radio Pop Action we want to make sure that you correct that mistake while you still can.

 "Secrets and Lies" is a show about Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), a family man who finds the body of a six-year-old neighbour while going out for a morning jog. After detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is assigned the case, he becomes the main suspect and his nice suburban life starts to unravel revealing secrets and lies surrounding his life and those around him.

 Here are the five main reasons why should be watching:

1. Ryan Phillipe. Not only has he gotten better with age and still looks amazing without his T-shirt on but he carries the weight of the show on his shoulders inmensely well. His acting is one that will leave you guessing and doubting whether he´s innocent or guilty. You can really feel his anxiety and the pressure of a man who´s life has been turned upside down.

2. Juliette Lewis is seriously out of her comfort zone with this character. Detective Cornell is such a challenge as a character and a big departure from anything Lewis has ever done before. An intense and complex personality you will surely love to hate.

 3. The mystery will be resolved at the end of the 10 episode first season. This isn´t a show that will drag on forever without giving you any real answers. Each season would have its own crime to solve and this pushes the story further, similar to what happens with cable television shows.

4. It is based on an Australian TV series of the same name which was acclaimed and praised by critics and audiences for its acting, writing and direction. 

5. It is filmed in Wilmington (North Carolina), home for shows such as Dawson´s Creek, Under the Dome or One Tree Hill. A different environment from which the series benefits from, as you sense the feeling of apparently safe family neighborhood where all these characters live.

Aren´t you convinced yet? "Secrets and Lies" airs sundays on ABC.

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