Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Younger" TV Series Review

I´ll start by stating something obvious. TV isn´t always easy. With more and more new scripted shows getting launched every season, its becoming increasingly difficult to choose which ones we should keep watching and which ones we should kick to the curb.

This is why when something fresh comes our way such as TV Land´s brand new TV series "Younger" we don´t hesitate in recommending it. Lets begin with two simple words: Darren Star. The man is not only responsible for some of the greatest and most iconic moments in television history (hello "90210" and "Sex & the City) but he has the ability to write incredibly witty dialogue while showcasing the complexities of the characters he creates.

Without spoiling too much, lets just put it this way: It is very satisfying to watch a show which pays attention to 40-year-old single women. The story of Liza Miller, a recent divorcee who throws herself back in the trenches of the publishing business competing against a younger generation by pretending she´s a 20 year old may not seem the most original plotline, but it sure as hell makes for one entertaining show. Add a very talented cast to the mix led by a magnificent and charming Sutton Foster, followed by the ridiculously handsome Nico Tortorella and you get 20 minutes of funny and addictive television. 

So just give it a try, watch for yourself and then come back here to give us your feedback.

What do you guys think of "Younger"?

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