Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glee Recap: Original Song

 Regionals is finally upon us and we all know what this means: a Glee episode filled with so many events we may not have time to comment upon all of them... but I promise to try!

 As always, if you haven´t watched this week´s episode I strongly advise you to stop reading. Those who have, feel free to enter the competition...

 This week´s installment was not as good as last year´s regionals episode, still it was something worth watching as some major events took place.

 The kids from New Directions all attempted to write original songs, some with amazing results (Mercedes and her "Hell To The No") and others with crazy funny ones (Santana´s "Trouty Mouth"). I for one believed it was both good fun and served the story well to show us some failed attempts. Hey, songwriting is not for everyone kids...

 Blaine and Kurt finally kissed! It was one of the most anticipated moments of the season, and it did not dissapoint. The expression of Blaine´s face when he realized his feelings for Kurt while he was singing Blackbird was priceless.

 Quinn is still a bitch... or maybe she isn´t? At least we got a piece of her mind for a change and we were given a motive behind her backstabbing ways. The girl wants to be a prom queen and  be on top of the school again. Also, she is doing Rachel a favour by stealing Finn from her because Miss Berry is meant for greater things in her life. Isn´t she the best friend in the world?

 We may temporarily forgive Quinn for inspiring Rachel to write her original song and winning regionals (and probably Finn as well). She definitely found a way to get it right.

So, to sum things up:

The Best: Kurt and Blaine´s first kiss. Rachel confronting Quinn and finding out the truth. Santana feels rejected by Brittany.

The Worst: Quinn.

Quote To Remember: "I´ve been looking for you forever" - Blaine

Best Musical Number: Loser Like Me by New Directions.

The Moment: Blaine realizes his true feelings for Kurt while singing harmony to Blackbird.

What did you think about the episode? Was it a winner or a loser?

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