Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spice Girls Divided Over Unreleased Music

 According to The Mirror, the Spice Girls are divided over the idea of releasing a collection of unreleased tracks for their fans to listen to.

 The tabloid reports that there are around 60 unreleased songs available to choose from but, while Mel B and Mel C are enthusiastic about the idea, the three remaining members of the band (Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham) are against it.

 A source close to the british band has stated:

 "From a possible 60 tracks, three or four would be gua­ranteed No1s and there's definitely a solid album's worth from the songs. Although such a release would generate millions, it's not about the money. Both Melanies want to open up the band to a new generation of fans and keep the memory of the Spice Girls alive. They also believe it's sound commercial sense to keep options open for new work down the line."

 Apparently, Victoria´s successful career in fashion is one of the reasons she won´t get behind the idea:

 "But Victoria has a hugely successful career as a designer and is pregnant. She'd rather distance herself from the group to concentrate on that. She's not keen to revisit the Spice Girls days. Also, if Simon Fuller doesn't feel the timing is right, Emma and Geri don't want to go against him. But it is safe to say this divide is causing friction within the group."

 No word yet on what will happen with the songs, but there is still a project in common that all five girls have backed up; the musical Viva Forever featuring all their hit songs.

 What do you think? Should the Spice Girls release their unheard material to the world?

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  1. Viva forever will be a hit musical no matter what as for their unreleased megial - and though it would surely create mega bucks if it does get released, I can understand why certain members dont want to revisit the glory days, especially Victoria, though she was the least talented singer, she is now the most successful because of her amazing design skills