Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Renee Zellweger Set To Do 'Bridget Jones 3'

 According to The Sun, actress Renee Zellweger has agreed to do a third Bridget Jones film, just as long as she does not have to put on any weight to play the title character.

 Apparently the opening scene of the movie would show Jones stepping on to some scales and showing all the weight loss.

 Sources close to Zellweger have claimed that "Renee had no reservations about saying yes once she found out she wouldn't have to get fat. She hated having to do that in the last two films."

 On the other hand Colin Firth, who recently won an Oscar for his performance on The King´s Speech and played Bridget´s love interest in the two films, has expressed his willingness to return to the role for the potential sequel as well.

 Would you watch a new Bridget Jones movie?

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  1. loved the first two, great fun and very funny, so would love to see a third, be even better if Hugh Grant also joined the fray once again