Friday, April 29, 2011

CBS Reboots 'Two And A Half Men'

 It was meant to happen. After Charlie Sheen was fired from Two And A Half Men, fans of the sitcom were left wondering what would happen next.

 According to MSNBC, series creator Chuck Lorre has made plans to reboot the series which will include returning stars Jon Cryer and  Angus T. Jones alongside a new character which is yet to be cast.

 Names  are already being mentioned and these include stars such as  Bob Saget, Jeremy Piven, or Cuba Gooding Jr. among others.

 On the other hand, Charlie Sheen is said to be plotting his way to come back on the show but the studio has made it clear that they want nothing to do with the troubled star.

 No official word on this reboot has been made yet, but it is expected for news to become public at the network´s upfront next month.

 Will you watch the new and improved version of Two And A Half Men, or is it doomed without Charlie Sheen?

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