Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drew Barrymore Is Set To Direct 'How to Be Single'

 Actress Drew Barrymore is already an expert with the genre of romantic comedies, but is now determined to prove herself as a director as well.

 After her directorial debut with 2009´s Whip It, Barrymore plans to put herself behind the camera on the project, How To Be Single.

 The actress has confirmed the news to EW:

 “Being single, this one definitely speaks to me and I’ve explored it a lot in the last year and a half. I’m at that age where I’m sort of straddling a great line right now and I can see both sides very well.”

 The film is based on the 2008 novel by Liz Tucillo and has been adapted by screenwriters Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn who have already worked previously on a film Barrymore starred and produced, He´s Just Not That Into You.

 The actress is still uncertain whether she will appear onscreen on her new project but she is quick to clarify how this is not a follow-up film to He’s Just Not That Into You:

 "It’s hopefully, in a lot of ways, not a romantic comedy. People have this weird stigma [with] that word — it’s a turnoff to guys or whatever. But I think we’ve honed in on a style that will be more universal, a little bit ageless and not gender specific.”

 How To Be Single is currently being considered for Valentine´s Day 2012 release.

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