Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glee Recap: Born This Way

 Glee aired its super-sized special episode about self acceptance this week... and it worked like a charm... well sorta.

 If you haven´t had the chance to check it out (you know you were watching NBC´s The Voice... but we forgive you), then please do not read this until you do. For all you gleekers who did, lets cut to the chase...

 This week´s assignment found the kids of New Directions coping with their own insecurities and personal issues with their appearance. It really was the perfect excuse to dig deeper into the lifes of the students of Mckinley High and some much needed character development.

 Probably the best consequence of having a longer episode was to see other under-used characters like Santana shine. Thank you Ryan Murphy for letting us peep inside her mind for once! Her lines in this episode were both funny ("I have awesome gaydar") and useful plot-wise, and having her interact with Karofsky was simply perfect.

 Kurt finally found a way back to New Directions where he belongs and celebrated with a perfect rendition of Sunset Boulevard´s "As If We Never Said Goodbye". Once again, those scenes with his father Burt, and him alone confronting Karofsky were priceless and featured some of the best acting and writing of the episode.

 It seems as if the writers have managed to give Quinn a real reason behind all her backstabbing ways... the girl used to be ugly! We must admit we did not see that coming. Lets hope that she learns her lesson once and for all! Its a real shame they don´t explore her character and (potential) friendship with Rachel more... those two have some crazy chemistry together both on and off stage, as their rendition of Unpretty was flawless!

 Oh, and what do you do to make any Glee episode work? Of course, throwing in Darren Criss singing a cover of Keane´s "Somewhere Only We Know" always helps! Now lets get him transfered to Mckinley as soon as possible, shall we?

To sum things up:

The Best: Any scene Santana is in (specially with Brittany), Karofsky and Kurt confronting each other, Blaine and The Warblers farewell to Kurt.

The Worst: The absence of Rachel´s gay parents during her nose job dilemma, and Finn´s unnecessary jazz number.

Quote To Remember: "The only straight I am is straight-up bitch."—Santana
Best Musical Number: "Unpretty / I Feel Pretty" by Rachel & Quinn
The Moment: Finn telling Rachel she´s beautiful after she announces she´s getting a nose job.

What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off below!

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