Monday, April 11, 2011

Courteney Cox Says 'Friends' Movie Is Unlikely

 Ever since Friends ended in 2004 there have been rumours and speculations of the show coming back on the big screen.

 Courteney Cox recently spoke to The Mail On Sunday  about the possibility of reuniting with her Friends co-stars for a reunion movie:

 "No. I just can't see that happening. I mean, I'm not in control of it and if I was, we'd have already done it. But it involves so many different people's lives and schedules that I just don't know how you'd get it all together. So no, I don't see it happening."

 Cox has previously admitted to be willing to reprise her role as Monica Geller if things fall into place but some of her former co-stars such as Matt LeBlanc or David Schwimmer have proven to be more reluctant to do so.

  However, Cox has confirmed to have been approached by former co-star Lisa Kudrow to appear as a guest on the show Who Do You Think You Are, which she produces.

 "Lisa's asked me to be on it; apparently they've found something in my family history which they won't tell me because they like to surprise the person. It's an amazing show and I'll probably do it - it's just trying to find the time."

 Both Friends stars Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston made guest appearances on Cox´s show Cougar Town on the first and second season of the series respectively.

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