Friday, May 13, 2011

ABC Cancels "V" and "Brothers & Sisters"

  This is definitely a sad day for TV fans as two of the most beloved shows of recent times have failed to make it past their current seasons. 

 In an unpredictable move that very few saw coming (even though both shows were on the bubble), TVLine reports that ABC has decided to pull the plug on Brothers And Sisters and sci-fi favourite "V". 

 Over the last few days, rumours started swirling around that ABC was planning to bring back Brothers & Sisters for a short farewell season which would include some budget cuts. However, this does not seem to be  the plan anymore.

 With "V", the story is somehow different. Even though the fan dedication has been outstanding, the ratings never really took off although this season saw the return of veteran actress Jane Badler and an vast improvement on its storylines.

Are you sad to see these shows go? Sound off in the comments!


  1. This is a reeelly sad and unexpected news! One of my best friend had "twittered" the new and I didn't believed it, so I entered inmediatly in this fantastic website to corroborate the new and it seems that it is true... shit! Do you know if it's gonna be a closed end for the TV show B&S? or they gonna just cancel the show without taken under consideration the story? Oh man! So sad I am after knowing this news! :-(
    BTW! Congratulation for the site, it's awesomeee! :-D


  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Bipedu! ;)As far as the storylines go, the TV show pretty much ended without any loose ends so at least the season finale can now serve as a series finale without any serious cliffhangers. ("V" on the other hand wasn´t as lucky) The cancellation still feels sad though, and came as a surprise to everyone. Glad to have on board with the blog,& looking forward to more of your comments! :)