Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chris Hemsworth Teases 'The Avengers'

 Fresh off his performance as Thor, actor Chris Hemsworth spoke to MTV news about Joss Whedon´s highly anticipated blockbuster movie, The Avengers.

 Hemsworth says that we can expect some tension between the superheroes just as it happens in the comic books.

 Click below to watch a clip of the actor discussing his involvement in the movie!

 In other related piece of news, production has apparently halted on the film over script leaks after only a week of shooting.

 According to  Film Fan Review, a 129 page shooting draft of the film´s screenplay was being shopped around and offered to the website Obsessed With Film.

 Insiders claim that Marvel Studios has temporarily shut down production in order to rewrite the scenes that were leaked.

 Lets hope they resolve these problems as soon as possible so they can get on with this terrific project!


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