Saturday, May 21, 2011

Album Review: Born This Way - Lady Gaga

  Born This Way was defined by Lady Gaga as "the album of the decade" way before its release. Revolutionary, groundbreaking, or phenomenal were some of the adjectives used to refer to the new music of an artist who´s been know to have her share of controversy.

 So, is Gaga´s new album as epic as they made us believe? It´s not. Will it make an impact on the music industry as we know it? It won´t. Is it an album worth of our attention? Yes it is.

 Hype is a very bad word. If this album was released today without all of the high expectations surrounding it, we would have probably payed more attention to the music because... lets not forget it. It´s not about the bizarre dresses or controversial videos... it´s really about the music.

Here is our track by track overview of the album:

 Marry The Night: This song contains rock and pop elements from the 80´s with a powerful chorus. However it´s the dance section in the end what really makes it stand out. 7/10

Born This Way: The first single off the album was labeled by many as a Madonna´s Express Yourself ripoff. It is enjoyable but no as groundbreaking as it was conceived to be. 6/10

Government Hooker: This post-disco inspired track reveals one of the biggest retro moments of the record. The song is so good it just speaks for itself. 8.5/10

Judas: The second single feels sometimes messy with Gaga´s voice lost among synthesizers and digital effects. The melody is somehow reminiscent of Gaga´s old hit, Bad Romance. 6.5/10

Americano: Spanish is Stefani Germanotta´s failed subject. The song is almost a self-parody of what it is supposed to be. 3/10

Hair: An infectious chorus that unfortunately gets lost along the way of an overproduced track. All in all the drums and the saxophone riffs provide some authenticity to the song.  6.5/10

Scheiße: The real dance anthem of the album and our personal favourite. This commanding pop song is definitely single material. 9/10

Bloody Mary: The religious theme appears once again but this time the mood is quite different. Overall a decent track. 6/10

Bad Kids: A homage to teenage rebellion and adolescence. The rock intro paves the way for a more disco pop oriented sound and chorus. 7/10

Highway Unicorn (Road To Love): The melody in the beginning shares similarities with the chorus of her hit Poker Face. Not exactly our cup of tea. 4/10

Heavy Metal Lover: The song shares the exact same rhythm pattern of Born This Way only slower. Unoriginal, predictible and boring. 3/10

Electric Chapel: It incorporates 80´s elements with some rock flavour. Nice but not enchanting. 3/10

You and I: A nice change of sound. A Robert “Mutt” Lange-produced  love song with some E.L.O. inspired background vocals. 7/10

The Edge Of Glory: The current single and a very good song choice for ending the album. 8/10

Click below to listen to Scheiße, our favourite track of the album!

What do you guys think? Is Born This Way worth of your attention?


  1. Good review. The album has eventually grown on me however my least loved track is Highway Unicorn and Electric Chapel, these two tracks should have deleted and BTW will be a solid 12 track album

  2. Thanks for your feedback Plvm! I totally agree, the album is way too long, specially if you count the unneccesary bonus tracks in the deluxe edition. Sometimes less is more! ;)