Monday, May 9, 2011

Album Review - Matthew Morrison

 When listening to Matthew Morrison´s debut album, we cannot help but think that it should come with a disclaimer sticker that reads: "This isn´t your regular Glee compilation record".

 Morrison was clearly seeking for a departure in sound from the show that made him hugely popular, and the result is an album that reflects the maturity of a performer who is finally getting the chance to put his music out there. Sure it has its flaws and it may not be perfect, but the guy has some undeniable talent.

 Here is a track by track overview of the album:

Summer Rain: The album´s first single is an easy jam that could have easily been sung by Jason Mraz. Enjoyable song but lacks the strength expected for an album opener. 7/10

Still Got Tonight: A pop-rock song with a powerful chorus that hits all the right notes. Should have been the first single. 8/10

Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (Feat. Sting): An uneccessary cover of the 1996 hit song by Sting. Both voices blend well and Morrison seems comfortable singing with one of his idols. 6/10

My Name: The first ballad off the album fails to engage us in the emotion conveyed through the lyrics. The song prepares us for a climatic moment that never arrives. 3/10

Hey: This melodic pop tune is the best track on the album. It delivers a positive feeling and an upbeat infectious chorus. The rest of the album could use more of this, it definitely has single potential 8.5/10

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Feat. Gwyneth Paltrow): We´ve all heard this one by now. Another cover, only this one stands out thanks to the vocals provided by Gwyneth. 7/10

Don´t Stop Dancing: This track seems to fall out of place when compared with the rest of the album. It´s not bad... but not necessarily good either. 5/10

It Don´t Matter To The Sun:  Another slow jam, only this time it does a slightly better job when appealing to the listener´s attention. 5/10

Mona Lisa´s And Mad Hatters (Feat. Elton John): How many covers can be featured on an original album? Enough already! Elton John lends his voice and revisits one of his classic hits. 6.5/10

It´s Over: If you end an album with a ballad, you better make it powerful. Sadly, this isn´t the case. This Broadway influenced song is, however,  the most heartfelt one included on Morrison´s debut album. 6/10

Click below to listen to Hey, one of our favourite tracks on the album!

Matthew Morrison´s first solo record is out on May 10. Will you be getting a copy?

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  1. No I will not be getting a copy. As if Gwyneth Paltrow on this album isn't bad enough she's singing my favorite song,a nd will no doubtably ruin it. UGH!