Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glee Recap: Funeral

  There is nothing worse on TV than the feeling when you start losing faith on a show that used to be both intelligent and entertaining. Sadly, this is exactly what has been happening with our feelings towards Glee lately... until Funeral aired this week.

 Funeral is everything that Glee needs to be. It was fun, it was special, it developed the storylines forward and it moved us. 

 What works about this episode that wasn´t working before? It brought back auditions! To see our characters audition to sing lead at Nationals brought us memories of that wonderful Glee pilot. Plus, it got rid of the storylines that were not working (Quinn & Finn finally break up, Schue´s ex-wife leaves for Miami) in order to make room for those that do work (Emma and Will reconnect, Finn wants Rachel back).

 The song selection was great, Glee was in serious need of some classic songs after all of the Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black extravaganza lately. This show works better musically when they stop pretending to be trendy and dig into the classics.

 Plus, they finally gave Sue Sylvester a much needed three dimensional perspective! We love it when her character shows some humanity, even if she´s still the antagonist of the show. The whole interaction between Sue and Will during the funeral scenes showed why Jane Lynch is deserving of many awards for this role.

To sum up:

The Best: Jane Lynch´s performance during the episode and the good use of character chemistry between Emma & Will, Jesse & Rachel and finally Finn and Rachel.

The Worst: No Blaine in sight.

Quote to Remember: "I do this thing where I sort of alternate which one of those kids I hate the most.  Right now it's the dancing Asian." —Sue

Best Musical Number: "Pure Imagination" sang by the Glee Cast at the funeral.

The moment: Jesse kisses Rachel just as Finn watches... holding a rose for her.

Did you guys enjoy this week´s episode? Sound off in the comments!

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