Friday, July 1, 2011

25th Anniversary of Madonna´s "True Blue" Album

 Every musical icon has its breakout point, that moment in their careers where they stop being a sensation to become a true superstar.

 For Madonna, True Blue was the album that set her apart from every other female artist in the industry and made her the pop queen that she is today.

 25 years have passed since its release and that amazing collection of songs is still stuck in our heads.

 Click below to watch a video recollecting all the hits that were released from that extraordinary album!

What is your favourite True Blue song/video?


  1. After 25 years I never get tired of hearing a song from True blue. It's a classic by the way one of the best covers of Madonna!!


  2. Oh my Godness... why fucking Mtv doesn't understand which kind of music should the play

  3. I am printing Herb Ritts' legendary picture of Madonna's True Blue image on my 15' tall window blind!