Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Ace of Base uncovered

The cover for the new Ace of Base album, "The Golden Ratio", (the first without the Berggren sisters) has been unveiled. The tracklist will be as follows (with bonus tracks changing depending on the country where it is released):

1] All 4 U

[2] Blah, Blah, Blah On The Radio

[3] The Golden Ratio

[4] Southern California

[5] Told My Ma

[6] Black Sea

[7] One Day

[8] Precious

[9] Vision In Blue

[10] Mr. Replay

[11] Who Am I

[12] Doreen

With four of these tracks already leaked online, I cannot say i'm particularly thrilled with the new direction of the band but I'm still curious about the sound of the rest of the album. Are you into the new Ace of Base?


  1. wow its been ages since I have heard anything from these, I used to love them in the 90's

  2. Yeah, me too! :) The original line up in the 90's was so much better, though. These new girls are not as good, but maybe they will deliver some good tracks in the new album. We'll see...