Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Listen: Glee's "Empire State of Mind"

Can't wait for the return of "Glee"? Well here's a treat for you gleeks! In anticipation of the show's second season this fall, one of the new songs featured in the still unaired episodes is here! This should help you guys until new episodes are aired. Click below to listen to Glee's revisitation of "Empire State of Mind". Sounds amazing to me! Are you counting the days for Glee's comeback? Let your voice be heard in the comments below!

Empire State of Mind - Glee Cast
Update: The link to the song is now fixed.


  1. Glee surprised me really, I was an 'avoider'! Really didnt think it was my bag. Then watched the first and second episode with my 12 year old nephew as it was the only thing that kept him quiet, and started to really like it, so I'll be watching the next season.
    The audio clip is good, I do like their spin on certain tracks

  2. I identify with that scenario actually, (except for the fact that I loved Glee since the first episode)because my 5 year old niece loves the show too! She learns the songs and tries to even dance the routines! I'm sure next season will be worth the watch!