Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Janet Jackson's new movie

Miss Jackson has been focusing recently on her acting career and after her last movie, "Why did I get married too?" she is ready to release a new one directed by Tyler Perry called "For Colored Girls". Just recently, Janet gave a private concert at Radio City Music Hall where she performed her greatest hits. Little is known from this concert, other than she got paid a big amount of money and that she performed 23 songs including "Nasty", Rhythm Nation" or the most recent "Make me".

I think it's great to have Janet back performing, even if it is for private crowds for the time being. It's good that she stays in shape and keeps in touch with her music career now that her acting is going so well for her. From the looks of the trailer, this movie will showcase her dramatic abilities even more and it could even land her some acting recognition. Let's hope that she takes her time to record some new music too, and maybe tour again. I miss the Janet performer on stage!

Watch the trailer of Janet's new movie "For coloured girls" below!

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