Sunday, September 12, 2010

I just saw the movie... in the trailer

What is wrong with Hollywood these days? Besides the unstoppable (and weak) number of remakes they are producing, now it seems to be impossible to watch a trailer that doesn't give away the whole movie. When are they going to learn that you don't have to show acts one, two and three in the promos to attract viewers to the theatres? Below are some trailers from upcoming movies ("Life as we know it", "Love and other drugs") that have given me that impression. Watch at your own risk!


  1. its surprising just how much detail they give away in trailers these days. Watching the Expendables was a perfect example, any decent part of the film is in the trailer! I think its a never ending battle to get butts back in Cinema seats because of how easy piracy is these days?

  2. Totally true, I haven't watched "The Expendables" yet but I noticed how they are doing this lately with a lot of new movies. Maybe you're right, and it is sort of a strategy to attract viewers. It's not working for me though, I don't enjoy getting spoiled! xD