Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scream 4 casting news

According to Zap2it, Britt Robertson of TV’s "Life Unexpected" has joined the cast of Scream 4. She joins a cast full of stars (specially female), no word yet on who she will be playing, although there are rumours she could be part of the opening scene of the film.

She does a great job in the tv show, so I'm personally very curious to see what role she is having in the franchise... though, taking into account the body count in these movies, i'm guessing it's not a pivotal one. Are you looking forward to "Scream 4"?


  1. Scream 4 will be amazing, and im so excited its a start of a new trilogy.
    I agree with you, I think her role will be small, but still good

  2. Yeah,and hopefully Kevin Williamson will stay through all the new trilogy this time. I hope the original characters survive... i've grown attached to them and it wouldn't be the same without them...but it's a new decade...and new rules so, who knows? :)

  3. yes I definately hope Kevin Williamson sticks to the whole trilogy, he is the master behind it all

  4. I personally cannot wait for the release of Scream 4...I have a lot of theories, but they verge from possible to ludicrous! lol