Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bethany Joy Galeotti is sticking with "One Tree Hill"

  Fans of "One Tree Hill" are still waiting to find out if the show will be picked up for a full season (as of now, only 13 episodes have been ordered). However, one thing they can rely on, is the fact that star Bethany Joy Galeotti will remain until the end of the show, whenever that may be. Recently, there had been rumours about Galeotti leaving the show due to maternity leave, but according to Zap2it, both her and the CW have quickly dismissed that possibility.

  "I'm absolutely staying!" she laughs. "I'll be here until the bitter end, I'm sure. I don't know where that rumor came from, but I'm not going anywhere."

  Everyone involved in the series, including creator and executive producer, Mark Schwann, have agreed that this will be the final season for the show. Hopes are that the network will order the back nine additional episodes to complete a full season, although things are looking pretty good right now, as the CW ordered six additional scripts beyond the first 13.

  Personally, I wish they come up with a decent ending for the show. Mark Schwann has always stated that he had a clear idea of how "One Tree Hill" was going to end, so I hope he makes it emotional and believable. So far, this season has been very weak as far as the storylines go, specially considering it may be the last one.

  Are you happy that Bethany is staying on the show? Weigh in on the comments below!


  1. Absolutely, and I hope it continues, and this is coming from a 57 year old fan!

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