Monday, October 18, 2010

Stan Lee approves new tv show based on "The Hulk"

  ABC recently announced that a new tv show based on the comic book, "The Incredible Hulk", was in the works. The potential television adaptation will be the first one since the popular one starring Lou Ferrigno from 1978 to 1982.

  "Hulk" creator, Stan Lee, has expressed his approval of the project, as he told The New York Daily News that he thinks "the potential for a successful Hulk TV show is greater now than ever." Lee explains: "For one thing, think of the sensational special effects available to us now, plus the fact that ol' green skin is known and loved worldwide."

  Taking into account the fact that two different actors have already played Bruce Banner (with a third in the works in "The Avengers" movie), maybe it is a good idea after all to have someone give stability to this character on a week to week basis. A TV show can certainly provide that, and the story has been already successful once, back in the day, so I'm thinking... why not?

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