Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Michael Jackson DVD Box set!

  Michael Jackson fans are in for a treat! On November 22, a new DVD box set containing all of his short films (more than 4 1/2 Hours of content, some of them released for the first time on DVD) restored and remastered will be released worldwide, and the best part is that a new unreleased video for his song, "One More Chance", will be included too!

  This video was shot in Las Vegas in 2003, but was never released due to the allegations the singer had to endure just before his Santa Maria trial. Jackson left inmediately for L.A. and, as result, the shooting was interrupted and the video was shelved... until now!

  This box set tentatively called "Vision", will also include a 60 page booklet containing pictures of the short films.
  At last, it seems as if Sony executives have come to their senses and are starting to acknowledge the fact that products related to MJ demanded a much needed update. Lets hope this trend continues from now on and they release some of his new music soon! I need my MJ fix!

Are you getting MJ's "Vision" DVD box set?


  1. Oh now I know what to get my partner for xmas, would love this myself

  2. Agreed! It's the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who appreciates the great talent of the king of pop.