Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Leona Lewis will release new album next year

  Leona Lewis is working hard on her follow-up to "Echo" and has stated that we can expect to hear something from her at the beginning of next year. She told X magazine that she is "experimenting with a tougher sound on some of the songs". The only confirmed collaborator so far has been producer Ryan Tedder who has worked with the 25 year old in her previous records,"Spirit" and "Echo".

 "What I was working on with Ryan was quite up-tempo but still very song-based," she said. "I'm working on the new album for next year so the new single will come early 2011 too."
Lewis stated that she still does not have a clear idea of what the direction of the album is going to be, and stated that she prefers "just to get in there and go with it from there", rather than entering the studio with an specific sound in mind.

  I'm personally curious as to what this new tougher sound will be like, specially with Leona's powerful vocals. Even though she is more known for her ballads, I believe that uptempo songs such as "Outta my head" from her album "Echo" suits her as well, and, if she experimented a little, something really good could come out of that. 

  Are you impatient for Leona's new music? Let me know in the comments!


  1. im sooo exited about Leona's new song.. im a huge fan!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Dylan! I am impatient too, I just hope it is as good as her previous ones. ;)

  3. thers a load of unrealesed song on youtube??