Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dates announced for Westlife's new single and album

  Irish boyband, Westlife, have announced that their still untitled album will be released on November 15. It will be produced by John Shanks, whose previous work include artists like Michelle Branch or Take That. The first single from the album will be titled "Safe" and it will become available on November 7 for download and as a physical single the day after.

  It is hard to believe, but this will be the eleventh album for the band! I cannot think of any other boyband from the 90's that has lasted this long without taking a break. Are you looking forward for more music from Westlife?


  1. used to quite like westlife, but havn't really enjoyed their later stuff. Although there is no mocking their success, they have certainly stood the lenght of time, even with a boyband member missing from the original line up

  2. Me too! I loved their first album, every single song was good, but I agree with you that their early stuff was so much greater than what they have done lately. However, they still manage to come up with some good songs everytime they release something new so I guess we'll have to wait and see. ;)