Monday, October 4, 2010

Britney Spears recruits William Orbit for new album

  Rumour has it that Britney Spears is working with producer William Orbit on tracks for her new album, which is coming out sometime next spring. The singer, who is already halfway through the recording process of the new record, recently enlisted a number of songwriters for a writing camp in order to pen tracks for her yet untitled new work. Talks of her collaboration with Orbit began when Spears's A&R Teresa Whites posted on her Twitter account: "Some HUGE news guys! William Orbit is officially writing and working on Britney's new album. For those who don't know he did alot of Madonna's Ray Of Light."

  This sure is an interesting development of events, as Britney and Madonna have shared producers in the past with excellent results (Bloodshy & Avant). I really hope that she takes risks with this record as she did with her album "Blackout" which was unfortunately shadowed by her scandalous personal life. I also look forward for more Max Martin produced tracks too.

   Do you believe Orbit and Britney make a good match? Hit the comments one more time!

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  1. I only wish that she writes many songs on his new album