Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New album update from No Doubt

  No Doubt returned in 2009 after a five-year break, for a reunion tour in order to search for inspiration for a new album... and it worked! The band have been twitting like crazy about the new record, stating that they have finished 10 tracks for the forthcoming LP.

  Frontwoman, Gwen Stefani (who released two solo albums during the hiatus she took from the band) wrote: "More good songs coming your way :) song number 10 just needs a bridge and lyrics!!"

  Other tweets from band members like guitarist Tom Dumont revealed: "We're rocking on song 10 tonight. It is sounding quite fine. [Tony] and [Gwen] you are killing it!

 It seems as if the band has found their magic touch again and their working dynamic is on, when they tweet messages like this one: "I love that moment when writing when we look at each other and say: 'wow this one is sounding freaking great'."

 Sounds like another winner album could be in the works for the group, whose previous musical effort, "Rock Steady", was released in 2001. The new record is expected sometime next year.

  Are you happy that the band is back in full force? "Don´t speak"... just write it in the comments below!

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