Friday, October 8, 2010

Jane Badler joins the remake of ‘V’

  Remember that cult tv show in the 80's about alien lizards invading the Earth? That show, of course, was "V", a big hit which aired on NBC in 1983. Well, a certain lizard is back in town in the new updated ABC version of the series and fans of the original could not be happier. Jane Badler who played lizard leader Diana on NBC's original V from 1983-85, is back as an all new version of Diana on ABC's take on the show. She will play  Anna's mother, Diana, who has been imprisoned on the mothership in a cell  for years.

  "This Diana will, of course, be very different from the old Diana as it has been a long time," she explains. "I am no longer the young woman who first did V. I am older and wiser and have had many life experiences. Hopefully I will bring all that to the role."

  Even though she has always been a fan favourite, Badler explained to TV Guide that her role was not certain and she had to fight for it as any other actress would. "From the moment I heard V was coming back, it was something I was hoping to be part of, but they tested a lot of people for this role," she said. "A lot of years have passed, so it feels good to win something."

  Badler will first appear on the second season premiere this coming November. According to reports, the show will be more more action-packed this season and will explore more the alien mythology.

  This is for sure the best casting choice they could go for, not only Jane is a terrific under-worked actress with amazing on screen presence, she is also a science-fiction symbol to many fans who saw the original. If they back this up with great writing and storytelling, this new season could be huge.

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  1. I remember the original series as a kid, and it actually used to scare the crap out of me (Iwas only 5 or 6 at the time)I'm giving the new series ago, I think its safe to watch it without my hand over my eyes now lol