Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Listen: Rihanna feat. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie (Part II)

  Not so long ago, it was confirmed that Rihanna had recorded a sequel for her hit with Eminem, "Love The Way You Lie", for her forthcoming 5th studio album "Loud". The singer declared recently to MTV that she had doubts at first and thought she could not top the original version: "When I first heard the idea about doing a part two, I was just completely against it," she explains. "I just felt like you couldn't beat the original. There's no way you can outdo that, so why compete with it?"

  They tried different versions until they found what they were looking for and Rihanna fell in love with the song all over again. "We heard a broken-down version that was stripped down, just piano ... that's going to be a bonus on iTunes," she said. "I fell in love with it. We recorded it, then we did another version to the stripped-down version with drums, then we did another version with drums and Eminem. And then that was the one that just felt really good."

  Fortunately for us, she was convinced! I've always thought that this song could have so much potential than the original version with Eminem (which was great too) because it contained a very strong message and an infectious chorus. It was only natural for the song to grow into a more melodic version with more vocals and less rap . And now, here it is for you to hear.

 Click below to listen to the song and let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. like the song. sounds a little like the first part but thats ik cuz i also like that one

  2. Thanks for your comment Rick! You're right, it is very similar... more like a melodic friendly version of the original but I like both of them too. ;)

  3. great song. i hope they make a video for that