Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Ghostbusters 3' may begin shooting next May

  According to Production Weekly, Sony is planning to start production in "Ghostbusters 3" as early as next year. Rumour has it that the studio is moving forward with the sequel and wants Ivan Reitman to start shooting the sequel next May.

  The script will be Aykroyd and Ramis (who wrote the first two movies) based on a previous treatment   from The Office duo Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. The whole cast has shown great interest in returning except for Bill Murray who has allegedly shown some hesitation regarding the script. However, things seem to be falling into place as Murray appeared with a a Ghostbusters outfit at the Spike TV Scream Awards, perhaps hinting his return to one of his most iconics roles ever.

  We will have to wait and see how everything turns out and hope that the movie gets made with everyone involved. Are you interested in a new "Ghostbusters" movie for the new generations?

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  1. Its a weird one this, its been so long since a sequel, and if they want to attract a new generation I wasn't sure weather a reboot would have been better. Will be interested to see how this works out