Monday, November 22, 2010

First Watch: Red Riding Hood Trailer

 It seems as if the classical story Red Riding Hood is no longer suitable for children, at least according to the trailer that has surfaced from the upcoming film adaptation starring Amanda Seyfried. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke of “Twilight” fame, the movie tells the story of a village which is terrorised by a werewolf.

 Seems like no brothers Grimm tale is safe from a more adult oriented adaptation these days. I really love that Amanda Seyfried stars as the main lead character, and the rest of the cast is amazing (Gary Oldman, Virginia Madsen) but I'm still not sure that the choice of having Hardwicke as the director will benefit the film. Taking into account the disastrous job she did with Twilight, one cannot help but wonder if this will be same kind of movie that only teenagers will be able to enjoy, only with werewolfs instead of vampires.

 Check out the video above for a preview of what to expect. Thoughts?

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