Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kirsten Dunst speaks about Spider-man reboot

  Kirsten Dunst has recently admitted to Screen Junkies that she absolutely supports the new Spider-man reboot project and that she was happy with the way things ended regarding the original trilogy she starred in.

  "I felt like what we had during those films was so special, like me and Tobey and Sam," she said. "It was such a unique experience and also because it was these independent minds and actors and you're making this huge film."

  "It's great that all these kids are such huge fans and to be a part of a movie like that is very special, especially a good franchise. So to end on Spider-Man 3 I think is the perfect way to leave it."

  As far as the new franchise goes, Dunst is supportive of the new cast and is happy to pass over the torch to them: "I like Andrew Garfield so much as an actor - and Emma Stone - so I think they'll be great in the new version."

  The actress also shared her thoughts on why Sony decided to reboot the whole franchise with a new cast instead of going for "Spider-man 4" stating that "sometimes they always want to push things for money reasons or whatever and it just didn't come together the way they probably had wanted or envisioned."

  When asked if she will be checking out the currently untitled Spider-man reboot, Dunst responded she absolutely will."Of course I'm going to see the movie! she said. "Of course."

  It really doesn't come as a surprise that Dunst is a complete sweetheart as usual, but even if she's giving her blessing to the new film, I personally still believe that the new reboot is pointless. They should have continued with a four installment and develop more the characters instead of starting again from scratch.

  What do you think? Are you looking forward to the Spider-man reboot?

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