Friday, November 19, 2010

Watch Michael Jackson's unreleased music video

  Back in 2003, Michael Jackson was about to release his single, "One More Chance", from his greatest hits album, "Number Ones". During his stay in Las Vegas, he was in the middle of the filming of his new music video when the new allegations against him became breaking news all over the world. He was forced to leave inmediately after only one day of shooting and the music video has been shelved in his personal archive... until now.

 Click above to watch the unfinished result of what could have been the great last music video from the King of Pop!


  1. wow thanks for this, its such a shame because he was on the edge of ending on a high with his new album.

  2. it is a shame.... this video is pretty cool...I love the Idea of the Public being on the stage :D

  3. Yep, I like the concept of the video too. One cannot help but think how different things could have been if he had been treated differently while he was alive and what more music gems he could have released. At least his music legacy is still here to remind us of his genius.