Friday, February 11, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Jane Badler

 Television in the 1980´s, seems almost impossible to conceive without having "V" in mind. The NBC miniseries created by Kenneth Johnson (and later turned into a regular TV series), shocked audiences all over the world when it premiered in 1983, becoming an instant success and remaining a cult classic until this day.

 Jane Badler´s brilliant performance of evil reptilian Diana was astonishing and iconic, associating her with the franchise and the character forever. 27 years later, Radio Pop Action! exclusively speaks to the actress about her thoughts on the original miniseries, her music career and her recent return to the "V" world as Diana on ABC´s modern remake of the show.

Why do you believe "V" is still so popular after all these years?
In its time "V" was revolutionary for TV. It was scary , brilliantly directed and written. It was multi dimensional with political and social meanings. And of course there was the rat eating scene.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the castmembers of the original series?
Yes, I stay in touch with June chadwick. I have seen Faye (Grant) and Marc (Singer) as well.

How has television changed from your "V" days in the early 80´s as opposed to your experience with the new show?
In the 80's the acting style was slightly different. The airwaves were filled with soap operas. Big hair and shoulder pads. TV is much more naturalistic and reality TV has replaced soap operas. The audience is quite demanding with the world of internet. So this "V" is filled with fantastic special effects and more naturalistic acting!

We know that Marc Singer will also be making an appearance later on in the season of "V". Who else from the original show would you like to see if it gets renewed for a third season?
Would be great to see Robert Englund and Michael ironside.

Kenneth Johnson wrote a sequel for the original "V" called "V: The Second Generation". Have you read it?
 I have!!

Would you be open to reprising your role as Diana for a movie based on Kenneth Johnson´s novel "V: The Second Generation"?
Yes, I would love to work with Ken. He is a wonderful writer and director and, after all, he started everything "V"!!

You´ve got a new album coming out. What kind of music do you listen to?
My new album is called Tears Again, it is melodromatic pop with a bit of jazz and Grace jones thrown in. It can be listened to on itunes and my website I love lots of music, good music is good music. The only thing I don´t listen to is heavy metal and electronic rave music. I particularly love soul and R&B.

Is there a dream project for you? Anything you would love to pursue in the near future...
I would love to sign with a European label and collaborate with a European producer. I would also love to tour Europe. Lastly, I would love to play a love interest for Roger Sterling on Mad Men.

If you had the chance to meet a younger version of yourself, what advice would you give her?
Enjoy it more and take advantage of every opportunity cause nothing lasts forever.

Catch Jane Badler on "V" every Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC.

Radio Pop Action! would like to give special thanks to Jane Badler for kindly taking the time of this interview.

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