Monday, February 7, 2011

'Glee' Recap: The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

 Given the fact that Glee is an international hit and that a lot of you readers are big fans of the show, from today onwards this blog will provide an extensive and critical recap of episodes a day after they have been aired by Fox. So, if you haven´t watched yesterday´s episode yet and want to avoid being spoiled, please do not continue reading! For those of you who have, the road ahead is safe.

 It´s been weeks since Glee last aired and we have been anxiously waiting for this highly anticipated (and advertised) Super Bowl episode. We were promised a spectacular show with big musical numbers, which included the first Michael Jackson song featured on the show (Thriller), and an episode we wouldn´t forget. Did it work? Well, some of it did... and some of it didn´t.

 Firstly, one of the biggest weaknesses of the show was once again put into evidence: lack of character development. In an ensemble cast like Glee, there is always a danger of forgetting about how important it is for these characters to grow and evolve in time.

 Quinn is a clear example of this, as her personality seems to change from one episode to the next, going from villain to ally... to villain again. After everything she went through during her pregnancy at the end of last season, she became one of the characters who had grown the most. This season however, she goes back to becoming a superficial snob, becomes captain of the cheerios after being kicked out and hardly gets any screen time with Mercedes whom she had become close friends with. To make things worse, now she cheats on her boyfriend (again!) by kissing Finn which seemed rushed and unrealistic.

 As far as the plot goes, Karofsky’s story arc of a closeted gay turned homophobe is the antithesis of Quinn´s, providing the show with some moral purpose and a much needed reality check. Taking into account that the show is clearly a hyphenated distortion of what life is like in high school, the Sue Sylvester cannonball storyline was still jumping the shark to me. Shooting a student through a cannon to win? Really? Not even Glee can pull that off.

 However, there was still some greatness among the episode. After all, its the musical numbers what we love the most about the show, and this episode showcased some amazing music such as the Thriller mashup and the show´s beautiful rendition of Lady Antebellum´s Need You know. Of course, whenever there is a crisis, Darren Criss is always there for the rescue and saves the day with his stunning cover of Destiny´s Child, Bills Bills Bills.

So, to sum up:

The Best: Karofsky’s struggle with self-acceptance, the football team and the Glee club joining forces for a common cause.

The Worst: Katie Couric´s unnecessary cameo appearance, Sue Sylvester´s cannon storyline and Quinn choosing cheerios over Glee club.

Quote To Remember: "I don´t wanna die yet, at least not until One Tree Hill gets cancelled" by Brittany.

Best Musical Number: Thriller, followed closely by Bills, Bills, Bills.

The Moment: Karofsky enjoying the music and  finally joining everyone during the Thriller performance.

How would you grade the episode? Was it all you expected? Sound off in the comments!

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