Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madonna Working With Diagram Of The Heart For New Album

 Brace yourselves because the Queen of Pop is about to return! According to The Sun, Madonna is in the process of looking out for producers and collaborators for her next album and has chosen Diagram Of The Heart, a British band that mixes elements of pop with dance, as one of the potential candidates to create new music with her.

 Lead singer Kye Sones confirmed the rumours via Twitter: "Was up all last night working on some beats for the queen. Have some nice ideas for her...."

 He also thanked fans for their support and good wishes on this new collaboration: "Thanks for all ur Madge tweets. Can't say too much but thanks for all the love! Diagram"

 At this point, very little is known about Madonna´s new record except that she is aiming for a return to her dance roots.

 Her manager, Guy Oseary, tweeted some info regarding what direction she was going for: "most of the music madonna is liking for new album are from all unknown producers. from what she played me, the tracks sound amazing"

 He also tweeted: "I've always wanted to a madonna unplugged, the new album will be quite the opposite of unplugged. I have one word for you: DANCE"

 Click below to listen to some tunes from Diagram Of The Heart!

Are you looking forward to Madonna´s return?


  1. hell yess i miss the anticipation for a new album by her, the thrill of the 1st single out, the wait for the album video and tour :)

  2. I agree with you! Those previous thrilling moments before her new music gets out are deeply missed! I´m sure she will come up with something worth waiting for! Thanks for your comment!

  3. anyone who says there are not looking forward to a new madonna album is simply lying to you. everyone loves madonna. well, maybe not mariah carey...but who cares bout that!

    Ready to dance madonna! My halloween party needs a beat!!!!

    Loved ya in HOUSTON on S&S tour.