Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glee Recap: Blame It On The Alcohol

 After a two week hiatus (sorry for that) our Glee recap is back in full force so if you haven´t watched this week´s episode, Blame It On The Alcohol, I advise you to stop reading as of now. If you have seen it then I suggest you grab an aspirine cause it´s about to get dizzy...

 This week´s episode features the kids of New Directions own musical version of alcohol awareness. Some might question whether Glee is the appropiate show to tap into such a serious issue as teenage alcoholism... not me. The Fox hit show has never been suited for young children and since its inception it has made reference to sex, bullying, drugs or unwanted teenage pregnancies. If you´re scared your children might see something inappropiate just switch the channel and watch something else!

 Once again the episode had its moments but it was not great  We definitely have to congratulate Lea Michele on being such an incredibly funny actress as her portrayal of drunk Rachel Berry was absolutely some of the best comedy we´ve seen in the show for a while. Another stellar moment was Blaine and Rachel´s duet who displayed such tremendous chemistry not even alcohol could mess it up (seems that the writers finally came up with a perfect excuse to put these two in a room singing together!).

 Kurt scenes with his dad were, once more, something to look forward to as it balanced the episode with some realism and relatable characters. The show could clearly use more of these two. I think it´s safe to say it is time for Kurt to return to Mckingley High.... and bring Blaine with him!

 As far as the weaknesses of the show go, Mr Shue´s secondary storyline of him getting drunk and dealing with his personal life lacked substance and direction. Loss of realism seems to become an ongoing issue for Glee as some moments in this episode felt really difficult to digest, such as the kids being drunk while performing without getting expelled or Mr Schue drunk dialing Sue instead of Emma.

So, to sum it up:

The Best: Drunk Rachel at the party playing spin the bottle, kissing Blaine and choosing him as her new duet partner. The Grease reference with Sue and Becky over the intercom.

The Worst: Mr Schue and coach Bieste partying and getting drunk in the process.

Quote To Remember: "Kesha has been a cultural icon for weeks and I really want to do her music
justice" by Brittany.

Best Musical Number: Tik Tok by Brittany & the cast.

The Moment: Kurt speaking to his dad about whether it is appropiate to have sleepovers with a gay friend without asking for his permission.

What do you have to say about the episode? Stop spinning around ideas and express your thoughts in the comments!

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